How do I know about diamonds?

The answer, I come from a long line of jewelers – 4th generation. Even though I’m not in the business myself, because of my family and decades of being exposed to the business I know the ins and outs of diamonds, jewelry, and how the industry works. The one thing I have learned is that you don’t need to be an expert to shop for a diamond, but by knowing the key basics, like which of the 4Cs is most important, where you should buy a diamond, and the importance of buying the stone first, you can make a much wiser decision.

Why create a website?

Even though I haven’t been engaged myself, I have alot of buddies who have been engaged. They know I have connections with the diamond industry, so I get a lot of questions from them on how to buy the best diamond at the best price. And I have to keep repeating the same information over and over – so now I’m putting it all into this website. My hope is to help my friends and all other guys going through the same thing. No guy should live with the pressure of buying the perfect rings. So my real answer why I am building this website is that I am doing a service to guyhood, and myself!