GIA 0.74 Carat H-SI1 Excellent Cut Round Diamond for $3000

0.74 carat GIA H-SI1 Round diamond

Diamond Magnified 20x - Click for Larger View

Carat Weight: 0.74

Diamond Color: H

Diamond Clarity: SI1

Diamond Cut: Ideal

Diamond Price: $3000

Measurements: 5.81*5.85*3.60

Depth: 61.8

Table: 55

Diamond Polish: Excellent

Diamond Symmetry: Very Good

Diamond Fluorescence: None

This 0.74 carat H-SI1 Round diamond is featured on James Allen for $3000.

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  1. David says:

    Hi, Randy, great web site! Learnt a lot from here.

    I am looking for a 0.75-0.8 ct round diamond; color H-J, clarity VS1-SI2, excellent-ideal cut. Price between $3-4k. The one you posted looked great and price is good too but is too small by a point.

    My problem with searching on James Allen is that there are SO many of diamond within the range that I have trouble telling one from another. The GIA reports for this size do not draw out the inclusion. So I have been staring at each blown-up photo but still could not find some of the inclusions reported.

    Ideally I would like to get the biggest stone with the least amount of dollar. But at this point, I am ready to just go with an opinion from an expert like you :)


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