NYC Video Diamond Quality Challenge

If you have read any of the pages on this blog you know that my mantra is “bang for the buck”. When it comes to diamond buying this means not paying for things you won’t actually benefit from.  Why pay thousands of dollars for F diamond color when no one will ever be able to tell it apart form a G or H color? Why “upgrade” to a VVS1 diamond clarity when an SI2 that costs half the price is just as clean to 99% of people?

Over the years some readers have questioned me on this. While seeing actual diamond photos on a site like James Allen is an extremely valuable tool to select a diamond, it can also have a negative effect. Because the photos are so large one can forget that the actual diamond size will be much smaller and much harder to see any inclusions.

Ira Weismann of TAD recently took to the streets of NYC to prove just this point. Using 2 diamond rings – the first with a G-VS2 diamond and the second with an H-SI2, Ira asks a number of  ”average Joes” to select which diamond they prefer.   The results are great and really strengthen my message of bang for the buck. Remember, once a diamond is eye-clean it can’t be “more” eye clean!

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