Police Arrest 4 in HRD Labs – Not All Labs Created Equal

Idexonline is reporting that 4 diamond graders in the
Antwerp office of HRD labs have been arrested for apparent “mistakes”
in grading diamonds. I don’t review HRD specifically in my diamond
certification page but I do stress how important it is to understand that not
all labs are created equal.

I get emails daily from people telling me they found a great
buy on a diamond and they want to understand why the diamonds I recommend on
James Allen, Whiteflash and others are more costly. When I ask for a copy of
the certificate 9 times out of 10 they send me an EGL cert. I can’t stress
enough that EGL certs are just not the same as a GIA or AGS cert. Comparing an
EGL vs. GIA is comparing apples to oranges.

Before buying an EGL certified diamond and thinking that you
are getting a great buy – please read my diamond certification pages and specifically
my page  dedicated to EGL.

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