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I must first say what a joy it was to find your site. I have researched everything possible about diamonds, but its always from the wrong view point. It’s nice to see advice from “our” side, which is the purchaser who wants to understand the best diamond value, that they will be happy with.
I am looking for a solitaire around 1.5 – 1.7 Carats.
After reading everything on your site, I was under the impression that my best buy might be an I in an “eye clean” SI1 . . . but want to make sure I understand this correctly and will be happy with the purchase.
I found this diamond:

And liked it, with the exception of not knowing what surface graining is (assuming it can’t really be seen).
But then after reading more of your responses to others, thought it might make more sense to look at a VS2 . . .
Something like:


Really just want to be sure I/she will be happy with the diamond, if it makes sense to go smaller, with a higher quality, this is what I would do.
You should charge to provide this type of service, I am sure tons (like me) would be happy to pay consulting fees, knowing they will be happier with their purchase . . .
Thanks (in advance) for your help, it is much appreciated.




Thanks so much for your kind words. While I do not charge fees for my service I do get paid a commission form sales that I recommend (this doesn’t cost you anything extra!). I will never charge to help someone find a diamond!
I looked at the diamond you sent over and both are very nice. I would recommend:


It has a nicer cut than the 2nd and also I am concerned about the black spot located at around 12:00 on the top of the table – I can’t say that this will be eye-clean. 
The 2nd stone is a real beauty and is definitely eye clean. Let me know if you would like to see some more suggestions- happy to help you out.




Here is a 1.51 carat but a very clean diamond with a great cut and several thousand cheaper then the 1.7:






Thank you for the quick reply.  This diamond you suggested is very nice and clean . . . What is wrong with this diamond?  I can’t pick it up from the pic or report . . . Your help is much appreciated!



There is nothing wring with this diamond! Its is a great find and very clean. I am attaching a larger version of the image and I highlighted 2 of the 3 blemishes that were noted on the report. To be honest the 3rd is so insignificant that I am surprised its even noted. One reason you may not have picked these up (besides their being small) is that the diamond as displayed on the James Allen page is not rotated the same way as on the GIA certificate.I rotated it correctly for you so you can see better. Again, this diamond is eye clean – there is no way you will pick up any of this with the naked eye. 

The only thing I would point out is the 62.3% depth – this is just a bit high but really nothing to worry about and will not be noticed and I would have no problem recommending that you “go for it” with this diamond.




Hi Randy,

I have purchased this diamond now. Thanks again for all of your help with this!  Its much appreciated. I assume I do not need to do anything in order for you to receive your commission, if I do, please let me know. Also, apologies on using the diamond you were going to post on your page :). 
Thank you very much, C



Congrats! Please let me know what you think once it arrives. 
Don’t worry about not featuring it, I will still use it as a success story 🙂

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