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Diamonds are a global symbol of eternal love. They represent a symbol that transcends all language barriers and offers a token of lifelong love and commitment. When you make the choice to utter such a statement, it is important to choose the diamond carefully and knowledgeably. Selecting a diamond involves knowing at least a little something about the diamond cut and shape, how that may affect the quality of the diamond, and some history behind it. Round diamonds are by far the most popular cut of diamond and offer the most brilliant shine.

Not only are round diamonds the most popular diamond cut today, but they also have deep history dating back to the seventeenth century. A very rudimentary round cut diamond, known as the Old Miner, was the first cut of diamond that evolved into today’s brilliant cut. The Old Miner was more square than round, but was cut with all the same facets as today’s round diamond. In the late eighteenth century, this cut morphed into the Old European Cut, which reigned in popularity until the early 1900s when Russian mathematician, Marcel Tolkowsky perfected the brilliant cut diamond.

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Tolkowsky used a mathematical formula to optimize the brilliance of round diamonds. Using his math skills, he calculated the necessary cuts to create the idyllic diamond with unrivaled brilliance. Specifications indicate the height of the diamond should be cut to 59.3% of the diamond’s diameter, while the pavilion is 43% and the crown height is 16%. Cut is perhaps the most crucial of the four Cs of diamond shopping. Clarity, color and carat weight are all secondary because a proper cut can both positively and negatively affect the overall appearance of a diamond.

An impressively cut diamond can effectively mask any imperfections or occlusions that are naturally found in your stone. Round diamonds are especially adept at balancing any clarity and color issues. This forgiving quality of the round cut promotes intense fire and brilliance in an otherwise imperfect specimen. With technological improvements in the field of diamond cutting, tools like lasers and computer-aided design also help optimize the brilliant cut diamond. In short, the brilliant cut diamond marries nature’s imperfection with visual precision. The result is a flawless symbol of your love which parallels your own love story. It’s no wondered the round cut has been and continues to be by far the most popular choice in diamond cuts.

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