Q&A: Round Diamond for $6000 to $7000 budget

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Great site, it’s been a life saver for me! I have about a $6000-$7000 budget for a diamond and after looking through some of your pages I was thinking of this one:


It’s an H SI2 which is what you seem to recommend and its priced at $5980 which is lower then others I have seen for this size. What do you think?



Glad you like the site and find it informative.

I took a look at the diamond you mentioned and honestly would stay away form that one for 2 reasons:

1) I would recommend going with a better cut- in James Allen search filter out to only show Ideal and above, this screenshot shows how:

James Allen Filter Cut

Read my page on Diamond Cut and you will see why cut is important, it’s what gives your diamond its sparkly look which will be noticed by most people.

2) While you can find great deals in the SI2 clarity range this particular diamond has a black spot almost dead center in the table and some additional blemishes at around 12:00. These are going to be visible to the naked eye. Here are some of my recommendations based on the info you supplied. They both fall within your budget.







Thanks for the quick follow up. Using the bigger photo on James Allen I was able to see the spot you were talking about. I looked over the 2 other diamonds you sent and they look nice. Of the 2 which do you like better? Is the I color too low?



Of the 2 I actually like this one better:


Don’t worry about the I color – read my Diamond Color page and you will see there is really no noticeable difference between an H and I.



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