James Allen Kicks Again: Diamond Price Match 2019

When it comes to diamonds, having two identical diamonds is almost impossible, it's not like a hotel room that Booking & Expedia will price-match it if you found it at a lower price somewhere.Every diamond is different, either in its

The Best Time To Buy Loose Diamonds

When it comes to shopping, we all know that timing is one of the most important factors that affect a lot of our buying decisions. It is no news that you can get great discounts on even high-end items if

How to Find Her Ring Size? 11 Ways to Know it

You may have thought for nights & nights before making your decision, you want to propose!Despite the tons of issues you need to work on before that day, you will find yourself stuck a little bit when you want to

Looking for a large round diamond for $8000.

Questions:Randy,Looking for 1 to 2 ct. round diamond. My lady says quality is most important notsize. She has picked out a classic Tiffany setting six prong. My budget is $6000J,Answer:Its going to be pretty tight finding a 1 to 2

Jewelry Stores in the US Post Strong Feb. Sales Up 19%

Rappaort.Net is reporting that US based Jewelry stores recorded strong February sales with an increase of nearly 19% in year over year sales compared to 2011. The report also predicts a strong March and April sales."Consumers have demonstrated the desire

Another happy reader!

Randy Thanks for your help in my recent purchase of an engagement ring. I appreciate your expertise and patience. The final choice was this three stone platinum ring. I told her the side stones represented her children and my children.

Best Diamonds When You’re in a Low Budget

The amazing thing about the Internet is that you never know where your readers will be coming from. I have learned of literally hundreds of cities across the US from all questions readers send in.This time I was honored to