Is G Color Diamond Good to Buy?

We get this question a lot, when people are a bit unsure of what color they should look for in a diamond, it becomes a bit confusing since a lot of web articles recommend going low in color and spend

Is Diamond Fluorescence Good or Bad?

Over the years, there has been a growing misconception about the fluorescent property of diamonds, some regard it as a good feature while the others say it's bad. Are diamonds fluorescence really bad like they say? Let's take a while

Diamond Clarity SI1: Is this Good Enough?

Finding the right diamond for you or your loved ones requires that you have at least, the basic understanding of the different types of diamonds on the market, and their characteristics. While diamond market experts would easily tell you that

How Strong Are Diamonds?

Diamonds are well famous for being a girl's best friend as well as a sign of undying love and we must have all heard of how they last forever because of their impressive strength.While it is well-established that these brand

What is EGL Diamond Certificate?

What are Certified Diamonds?One might have heard of people buying fake gems; especially fake diamonds. Many times, these people paid greatly for the diamonds, but after testing, they discover the diamonds are fake. Heard of the 4Cs? Cut, Color, Clarity

James Allen Kicks Again: Diamond Price Match 2019

When it comes to diamonds, having two identical diamonds is almost impossible, it's not like a hotel room that Booking & Expedia will price-match it if you found it at a lower price somewhere.Every diamond is different, either in its

The Best Time To Buy Loose Diamonds

When it comes to shopping, we all know that timing is one of the most important factors that affect a lot of our buying decisions. It is no news that you can get great discounts on even high-end items if

Looking for a large round diamond for $8000.

Questions:Randy,Looking for 1 to 2 ct. round diamond. My lady says quality is most important notsize. She has picked out a classic Tiffany setting six prong. My budget is $6000J,Answer:Its going to be pretty tight finding a 1 to 2