The Best Time To Buy Diamonds

When it comes to shopping, we all know that timing is one of the most important factors that affect a lot of our buying decisions. It is no news that you can get great discounts on even high-end items if

How to Find Her Ring Size? 11 Ways to Know it

You may have thought for nights & nights before making your decision, you want to propose!Despite the tons of issues you need to work on before that day, you will find yourself stuck a little bit when you want to

Looking for a large round diamond for $8000.

Questions:Randy,Looking for 1 to 2 ct. round diamond. My lady says quality is most important notsize. She has picked out a classic Tiffany setting six prong. My budget is $6000J,Answer:Its going to be pretty tight finding a 1 to 2

Jewelry Stores in the US Post Strong Feb. Sales Up 19%

Rappaort.Net is reporting that US based Jewelry stores recorded strong February sales with an increase of nearly 19% in year over year sales compared to 2011. The report also predicts a strong March and April sales."Consumers have demonstrated the desire

Another happy reader!

Randy Thanks for your help in my recent purchase of an engagement ring. I appreciate your expertise and patience. The final choice was this three stone platinum ring. I told her the side stones represented her children and my children.

Best Diamonds When You’re in a Low Budget

The amazing thing about the Internet is that you never know where your readers will be coming from. I have learned of literally hundreds of cities across the US from all questions readers send in.This time I was honored to

Why Diamond Photos Are Key to Great Looking Diamonds

I am sometimes asked why I recommend James Allen over other vendors, is it because I am an affiliate of theirs? Of course not. I work with many quality, honest, and reliable companies and depending on the needs of a