Is Diamond Fluorescence Good or Bad?

Over the years, there has been a growing misconception about the fluorescent property of diamonds, some regard it as a good feature while the others say it's bad. Are diamonds fluorescence really bad like they say? Let's take a while

How to Measure Diamond Depth?

The beauty of the diamond is what attracts all of us to it. When people see a diamond, its shinning crystal finish and dazzle gives it a very attractive look. If you are familiar with diamonds, you will know that

Diamond Inclusion Chart – How it Affects Clarity?

Everyone notices the freckles that some people have as opposed to the conventional birthmarks of others because they are very unique. They are considered to be beautiful and in some quarters sexy. The same cannot, however, be said about certain

What is EGL Diamond Certificate?

What are Certified Diamonds?One might have heard of people buying fake gems; especially fake diamonds. Many times, these people paid greatly for the diamonds, but after testing, they discover the diamonds are fake. Heard of the 4Cs? Cut, Color, Clarity

All You Need To Know About Diamond Cut Chart

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful gemstones you can find anywhere around the world. They are charming and adorable little cuties that make the eyes glitter and melt the hearts.What makes a diamond sparkle more than another? Many reasons,

What is GIA certification & Why It’s The Best?

In the exciting world of the elite, as wealth accrues, luxury purchases tend to occur. Not as a form of waste but as a way of stocking up on assets. One of those luxury purchases is diamonds.When people purchase diamonds,

All You Need To Know About Lab Created Diamonds

From about the early 1950s, diamonds have shifted from being entirely naturally sourced mineral gemstones, to such precious materials that can be effectively produced by artificial synthetic procedures. As the name implies, lab diamonds (or Synthetic diamond) & every process leading to

What Is VVS Diamond Clarity? Is it Worth it?

Diamonds are by far the biggest choice of jewelry when searching for the perfect gift for a significant other. Also, it happens to be one of the most expensive stones usually used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry.Among a lot

What Are Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds? Safe to Buy & Why?

Enhanced Diamonds or Diamonds treatment are terms that every diamond consumer must have heard, even if they are not aware of the meanings.Diamonds are forever, and they should actually last forever. It costs us an arm and a leg to