Diamonds Labs: Why GIA certification Is The Best?

In the exciting world of the elite, as wealth accrues, luxury purchases tend to occur. Not as a form of waste but as a way of stocking up on assets. One of those luxury purchases is diamonds.When people purchase diamonds,

All You Need To Know About Lab Created Diamonds

From about the early 1950s, diamonds have shifted from being entirely naturally sourced mineral gemstones, to such precious materials that can be effectively produced by artificial synthetic procedures. As the name implies, lab diamonds (or Synthetic diamond) & every process leading to

What Is Diamond VVS Clarity & Why Is It Important?

Diamonds are by far the biggest choice of jewelry when searching for the perfect gift for a significant other. Also, it happens to be one of the most expensive stones usually used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry.Among a lot

What Are Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds? Safe to Buy & Why?

Enhanced Diamonds or Diamonds treatment are terms that every diamond consumer must have heard, even if they are not aware of the meanings.Diamonds are forever, and they should actually last forever. It costs us an arm and a leg to

All You Need To Know About Diamond Table and Diamond Depths

In Diamond Cut practices, there are certain significant factor components that must be put to consideration- if the perfect aesthetic and beauty potentials of the gemstone are to be retained. The importance of obtaining the right diamond table and diamond depths

Conflict-Free Diamonds

What is a Conflict-Free Diamond?Greenwashing is alive and well in the diamond industry, with many companies marketing themselves as being conflict-free (the jewelry industry’s equivalent of being “green”), when in fact there is little unique about what they are offering.

Diamond Symmetry

Diamond Symmetry ExplainedWhat is Diamond Symmetry?On any diamond certificate you will see listed a characteristic called diamond symmetry.  Symmetry refers to how well the facets and angles of the diamond align. Since the sparkle and beauty of a diamond is

Diamond Polish

What is Diamond Polish Grade?When a diamond is polished from rough stone into the shiny gem that you are familiar with, the diamond cutter uses a polishing wheel coated with diamond dust (yes, sounds very fairy tail but its true!).