GIA 1.53 Carat I-VS2 Good Cut Princess Diamond for $7050


Diamond Color: I

Diamond Clarity: VS2

Diamond Cut: Good

Diamond Price: $7050

Measurements: 6.27*6.14*4.68

Depth: 75.4

Table: 78

Diamond Polish: Good

Diamond Symmetry: Very Good

Diamond Fluorescence: Faint

This 1.53 carat I-VS2 Princess Cut diamond is featured on James Allen for $7050

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  1. Yusuf August 21, 2015 at 12:54 pm - Reply

    It depends on the Pawn shop and coniotidn of the ring. I would say just go and shop around becasue some will try and snake you but honestly with the upcoming sales for the new season u can get a new one for just about the same price a pawn shop would offer. Thanksgiving day sales are amazing, if u want to wait that long.I brought myself a Ruby solitaire for a self bday present last yr and at a pawn shop it was $ 575 and a lady at Bloomingdales jewelry when i went looking (and i told her where i was ggonna buy it from) told me to wait til sale season and it would go down. i put the ring on layaway to insure itll be there with a min paymnt of $ 25 a mnth (my bday is in july) when thnksgiving day sale came, ring went from $ 799 to $ 599. I had already paid $ 100 n paid out rest. got a brand new ring for $ 24 more than what pawn shop offered. just wait n shop around but if u wanna go cheaper, still shop around in pawn shops.

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