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I am looking for a nice engagement ring for my GF. I have about $2500 +/- to spend on the diamond and am looking for the best all around one I can get (the largest one while still having a good cut, color and clarity). The whiter and brighter the diamond the better, but would like at least 0.66-0.75 carat or bigger, if possible. Most likely looking for a round brilliant cut, but would consider princess cut as well.

Have been looking around and am leaning towards G or better color and VS1/2 clarity or better in an ideal cut. Would consider other color/clarity if it doesn’t affect the look to the eye and on the finger. (Basically just looking for the biggest and cleanest diamond with the most fire and sparkle I can get.)

Any help would be great. Thanks, in advance!



Hey M.  I’m glad you wrote.  The fact is, you can easily go lower in clarity and use that money towards a larger stone.  See this article here about clarity for a more in depth discussion:

For example, this stone:

Will be just as brilliant as any VS1.  Once a diamond is eye clean, going any higher in clarity is a complete waste of money. 

let me know what you think!


Oh, and as far as color goes, G and H in a round ideal cut will be indistinguishable to your eye.  Since G is a significant price increase from H, it doesn’t really make sense to go for G unless there’s a compelling reason.

Hey, Randy, and thanks.

That diamond you suggest looks pretty good, I guess, although I don’t know much. Is the table too small? I thought 58-60 was considered “ideal” but again, I am a novice.

For comparison…what about this one:

 Is it worth the extra $480? Or would there be any other good ones around .80 Ct (or near 6 mm diameter) you can recommend (around $2300-2800)???

Thank you very much!



Oh, I forgot to mention these:Confused

Sorry…just trying to find the best all around one that will look great in the ring and on her finger. If you see any others, I would be happy to check them out, too.


Hi M. No need to apologize at all! It’s a lot of money for a little rock!

Table size on a round is ideal between about 53 and 57.  Most modern labs also extend the table size for ideal cuts even up to 60.  But the classic ideal cut has always been between 53 and 57%.

Here’s how I like to think about it – which of these 4 stones is going to offer you the most for the least amount of money. 

Between the two Hs, the one I suggest is a better deal.  It’s cheaper, and it’s just as big as the other one even though it weighs a tiny bit less. 

G and H are indistinguishable from one another in an ideal cut round, so I see no value in upgrading from H to G.  So that rules out the 0.80 H and the 0.80 G.  Now, between the 0.78 H and the 0.76 F, for about $400, you get an ever so slightly noticeable upgrade in color but you drop down in size that is also just barely noticeable.  To me, it’s not a worthwhile upgrade.  You’re just not getting enough in return for the $400.

Thanks. I appreciate your help a lot!