Purchasing an Antique Engagement Ring


I recently received the following question from a reader: “I have a 14KWG ring VS2 SI1 HI 3.6G Circa 1920 could you explain the 4 c and estimate what it might be worth I was told it was worth $1,600.00 thank you”


When it comes to buying an antique engagement ring the same rules of the 4C’s apply as if it were a new one. You should separate the value of the setting and the value of the stone. Of course, if the diamond has sentimental value – there is no market price that can be placed or estimated. One distinction between the 2 would be cut- over the years newer types of cuts have been developed to maximize the brilliance of the diamond. In an antique diamond you may not have the same cut and therefore the brilliance will not be as great.

In my experience if one is not talking about an inheritance or other diamond that has sentimental value most people like the antique look of the setting rather than the diamond. Feel free to try and negotiate a price for the setting alone and place any diamond that you like in this setting.

For additional reading on this subject see this link on LAPADA that shares some guidance on getting an Antique Engagement Ring


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