Q&A: Looking for 1 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

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Hello, thank you for your site giving information on diamonds. I am looking for a nice emerald cut diamond stone size about 1 carat more or less depending on what is out there. I fell in love with a Golconda stone that was featured on Antiques Roadshow and wanted to find a nice emerald cut stone that is nice.

What would you recommend?

I am a big fan of the Roadshow!Emerald Cut

When it comes to Emerald cuts (and other stepped cuts) you need to pick a slightly higher color and clarity than with other shapes as they tend to show inclusions and retain color more.  For these I generally recommend as a bottom line a G-VS2.


Here are beautiful stones within your 1 carat range that I really like.
This is a 1.01 carat G-VS2 for $4450


and another which is a 1.00 carat G-VS2 for $4200


I happen to think that the cut on the first one is a better cut and would recommend that even though it is slightly more expensive. I like to see a depth of under 68%.



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