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I am looking for a VVS1 clarity grade diamond with a color of E or F. The size of the diamond should be between 0.5 carat and 0.75 carat. I am looking to spend around $4000 for the diamond alone. Do you have any suggestions?



Thanks for writing in. I am happy to help you out but based on your requirements for color and clarity I would first ask that you go back to the site and read 2 of my pages.

Diamond Clarity:
Diamond Color:

As you will see I really don’t recommend going with such a high color and clarity grade. Especially at the size diamond you are looking at any inclusions even at a VS2 and likely at an SI1 clarity grade would be eye clean – meaning you won’t see these imperfections with the naked eye.

Please read these pages and let me know if you still want the E or F diamond color and VVS1 or VVS2 diamond clarity.



Thanks for the links to the pages. I did read them over and they certainly were informative but my girlfriend is concerned so I am still interested in seeing some diamonds in the ranges I sent but to compare can you also send me over 1 or 2 suggestions for lower color and clarity (not lower then VS2 clarity and not lower then H color).



Nor problem. Here are 2 links for diamonds in the original range you asked for:

This one is a 0.75 carat F-VVS2 Ideal cut for $4010.

This one is  a 0.51 F-VVS2 Ideal cut for $3410

Both diamonds are GIA certified.

As for the lower quality here are my recommendations:

This is a 0.63 carat H-VS2 for $1970

and this is a 0.71 H-VS2 for $3120 (this is my top pick)

Both are GIA certified and are eye clean. As you can see you will be saving a good deal of money and your diamond will be just as beautiful as the higher quality ones. The only one to know the difference will be you and your girlfriend!