Q&A: Need Help Choosing a Great Diamond for $10,000 Budget

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I am going to be proposing to my girlfriend in 2 weeks but I am getting a little nervous because I have still not picked out her ring. I am working with a $10,000 budget for both the diamond and setting. I can really use your help to choose a ring that will make a really great impression! She wants a round diamond but neither of us have any other idea of what to look for.



Can you tell me a little about what type of setting you are looking for? Will it be a solitaire or will it have side stones? It can make a big difference in terms of price. You can use this page as a guide:



Response:solitaire setting

We are looking for a solitaire setting – classic Tiffany style. Thanks so much for your help.



I would recommend that you budget between $800 and $1000 or the setting. This is probably a little high but is a good starting point to give us an idea of what you will be spending on the diamond.

As for the diamond, I recommend looking at a sweet spot of an diamond clarity of SI1- VS2 and diamond color of H. Using these parameters as guidance it looks like you are looking at a diamond of around 1.20 carats. Here are a couple I would recommend:

1.20 H-VS2 for $8910:


1.21 H-SI1 for $8600:


These both have Excellent Cut and are eye clean. You can’t go wrong with either one.

As for the setting…

James Allen has a very nice selection of solitaire settings and you can browse through them here:


Make sure you check the type of metal that you are looking for.

Good Luck!


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