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Randy, Thanks for all your great tips and advice especially on diamond clarity – it has really made this whole diamond buying process a lot easier on me. I have a quick question for you. I am looking to buy one of 2 diamonds online. Both are 1.23 carat H diamonds but one is VS1 and the other VVS2. I know you say I should only buy online form a place that has pictures but is that still the case with these clarity grades?




Marc, Thanks for writing in and I am happy you found the site helpful.

One piece of information you left out was the shape of the diamond. In most cases (Round, Princess, etc) if you have to buy a diamond in the VVS2 or VS1 range (as long as the diamond is GIA or AGS and NOT EGL) you are safe to buy without seeing in advance – as I state on my diamond clarity page, clean is clean, and it really doesn’t matter what the grading report says as long as you cant see any inclusions (that’s why I recommend to go with an even lower clarity like SI1 or VS2). However when it comes to certain “stepped cuts” like an emerald- the inclusions are much more visible even at higher grades. In this case I would still recommend that you see a picture of the diamond (assuming you are buying online) in advance to know what you are buying and where any imperfection is.

Good Luck! Randy


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