Q&A: Looking for Eye Clean Round Diamond for $6,000

Question:I am looking for a round diamond on a pretty small budget. I have $6,000 to spend on the diamond and another $800 for the setting. We already picked out a setting which will be a classic “Tiffany” setting in yellow gold. We have looked through so many stores and we (especially me) are totally confused as to what we should be look for. I would like the diamond to be as clean as possible but my Fiancé is also concerned that it shouldn’t look too small. After reading a number of pages on your site I think I was being misled by a number of them and have decided to try and buy online. I looked at both BlueNile and James Allen and have a couple of options I wanted to know if you can look at and give me your opinion on.http://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/H-SI2-Excellent-Cut-Round-Diamond-4785155http://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/I-SI1-Excellent-Cut-Round-Diamond-3257554http://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/J-SI1-Excellent-Cut-Round-Diamond-4708535http://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/I-SI2-Excellent-Cut-Round-Diamond-3031129I really appreciate your time and the amazing articles you have on the site. Answer:Thanks for the note and I am happy the site was able to help. As for the 4 you sent me.In terms of size [...]

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Q&A: I am about to win the Super Bowl – what diamond should I buy?

So after an exciting win, the New York Giants Greg Jones topped of his Super Bowl performance by proposing to his girlfriend, Mandy Piechowski,  on the sidelines. My inside sources tell me his diamond ring was a large round stone set in a band surrounded by diamonds studs.  I have not been able to (yet) get particulars on the 4Cs but I am sure that had he come to me for advice I could have saved him a bundle! As for the proposal – she said yes!  

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