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Where to Buy Lab Created Diamonds? 8 Best Places for Lab Grown Diamonds

8 Best Places to Buy Lab Created Diamonds

We’ve covered almost everything about lab-grown diamonds in our related guide, now you made the decision to buy a lab created diamond, this post will go over the best places where you can buy the best lab grown diamond at very competitive prices.

These diamonds, created in labs under high-pressure, high-temperature, or chemical vapor deposition conditions, offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditionally mined diamonds.

Where to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds have seen a remarkable surge in popularity over the past decade. This shift is largely due to a growing societal focus on environmental consciousness and ethical consumption.

They have gained significant favor, especially among younger consumers who value sustainability and ethical sourcing. This shift is not just about ethics and the environment, though. The affordability of lab-grown diamonds compared to their natural counterparts makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers, without sacrificing the beauty or quality of the stone.

Major retailers have acknowledged this trend and now offer extensive collections of lab-grown diamonds. As the technology behind their creation continues to advance and consumer preferences continue to evolve, lab-grown diamonds are projected to become even more prevalent in the jewelry market. This rise in popularity signifies a significant shift in the diamond industry.

8 Best Places to Buy Lab Created Diamonds


1. James Allen

You might think we’re biased toward James Allen in several articles, but there’s a reason for that. Where else in the world (or on the internet, to be precise) can you find half a million diamonds, all showcased with 360-degree HD images, and up to 40x magnification? And the cherry on top? They’re offered at very competitive prices!

James Allen is one of the largest lab-created diamond retailers in the world. As of the time of writing this, they boast more than 54,000 lab-grown diamonds in their unique collection.

They offer thousands of superb diamonds around 1 carat, providing plenty of choice, but one 8.37 carat diamond caught our attention!

8.37 carat lab created diamond James Allen

We doubt this has ever happened before: owning an 8+ carat diamond (yes, lab-created diamonds are REAL diamonds) for $33,000?

We know that $33k isn’t exactly cheap, but do you realize that the equivalent natural diamond would cost you more than $250,000? A quarter of a million dollars!

JamesAllen Promo

2. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a trailblazer in the jewelry industry with a solid commitment to environmental sustainability. They offer a wide array of lab-grown diamonds, ensuring their customers have access to ethical and eco-friendly alternatives to mined diamonds.

With their dedication to transparency and ethical practices, Brilliant Earth has become a go-to retailer for consumers seeking high-quality lab-created diamonds.

Incredibly, at the time of writing this, Brilliant Earth boasts over 228,000 lab-created diamonds on their website. These include options as lavish as a 6.27-carat marquise VS2 diamond, priced just over $260,000.

6.27 carat lab created Brilliant Earth

Of course, Brilliant Earth caters to a range of budgets. With lab-created diamond prices starting from as modest as $300, they truly offer a spectrum of choices for every consumer.

3. Blue Nile

Blue Nile, akin to James Allen, stands as one of the leading online diamond retailers. For a long time, they held back from offering lab-created diamonds, but ultimately, they recognized and responded to market demands, and thus, began to offer lab-grown diamonds.

In an effort to cater to growing consumer demand for both affordable and ethically sourced options, Blue Nile has expanded their offerings to include high-quality lab-created diamonds. These options sit alongside their traditional collection, providing a comprehensive range that allows customers the flexibility to choose a diamond that aligns with their personal preferences, budget, and values.

Currently, they boast over 12,500 lab-created diamonds in their inventory. The range spans from a modest $300 to a staggering $153k for an 6-carat D color, IF diamond.

Blue Nile Shop Engagement Rings

Still wondering what diamond shape to pick? Get to know all the different diamond cut types, or shapes, in our ultimate guide.

4. Lightbox Jewelry

Who would ever thought that the global diamond mining corporation, which once controlled more than 85% of diamond distribution over the world, will now start selling lab created diamonds?

That’s exactly the case with Lightbox Jewelry, it’s a company owned by De Beers which used to control the whole diamond industry, increasing & decreasing prices by controlling the mining operations and global inventory of diamonds!

This became impossible with the lab-grown diamonds, since companies can just “create” diamonds instead of mining them! So how De Beers will make money out of this? They joined the club under the Lightbox Jewelry company.

When you browse their site, you will not find thousands of diamonds, they just simply list 20 items (different cut grades, carats, shapes, colors), and you pick from them, as they have probably hundreds of each (think of it like shopping for a shirt! That’s basically the case with lab created diamonds).

What confirms this is their pricing:

At Lightbox, all our lab-grown diamonds are priced at 800 USD per carat, or 1500 USD for our Lightbox Finest™ collection.

Lightbox Jewelry Finest

5. Clean Origin

Clean Origin is a pioneering jewelry brand that solely focuses on offering lab-created diamonds, marking a significant commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

As a newer player in the market (founded in 2017), they’ve garnered considerable attention for their high-quality diamonds and customer-oriented policies, which include a generous 100-day return policy.

With a wide range of options, Clean Origin provides customers with ethically sourced, beautifully crafted diamonds at competitive prices, solidifying their position as a reliable source for lab-grown diamonds.

Clean Origin lab diamonds

6. Whiteflash

Whiteflash, the esteemed home of the A CUT ABOVE® collection of super ideal Heart & Arrows diamonds, has made the strategic move into the realm of lab-created diamonds.

This wasn’t an expected move, as Whiteflash had previously been focusing solely on premium cut diamonds. However, the market’s rapid shift toward lab-grown diamonds is undeniable and Whiteflash decided to chart this course as well.

Staying true to their reputation for quality, they’ve chosen to offer only premium cut lab-created diamonds. These gems, carrying the certification of Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut, showcase superior light performance, along with top scores in color and clarity (DEFG color, VVS1-VS1).

Their lab-grown diamonds are accompanied by grading reports from the International Gemological Institute (IGI), verifying their high quality and confirming that they are “As Grown” with no post-growth treatments applied.

At the time of writing, Whiteflash has an inventory of over 1300 lab-created diamonds, making a strong entry into this growing market.

Whiteflash lab grown diamonds

7. Ritani

Founded in 1999, much earlier than most brands we see today in online diamonds & jewelry.

Ritani is a prominent online jewelry retailer known for their high-quality offerings, which include an impressive collection of 80k+ lab-grown diamonds.

Their commitment to providing ethically sourced and environmentally friendly alternatives to mined diamonds is evident in their expansive selection. With a wide variety of cuts, colors, and sizes, Ritani ensures customers can find a lab-grown diamond that aligns with their preferences and values, making them a reputable source for these sustainable gems.

Ritani Lab created diamonds


VRAI, previously known as Diamond Foundry, holds a unique position in the jewelry market. They stand out as they manufacture their own lab-grown diamonds. Through proprietary solar technology, they’re able to produce high-quality, Type IIa diamonds. This specific type of diamond, exceptionally rare in nature, represents purity and quality.

Beyond creating remarkable diamonds, VRAI is also deeply committed to sustainability and ethical business practices.

The brand’s extensive range of offerings covers everything from engagement rings to fine jewelry. Known for precision, quality, and transparency, VRAI is carving a prominent place for itself in the burgeoning lab-created diamond industry.

Furthermore, VRAI has gained significant attention and support from celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio. Their ethically produced and high-quality lab-grown diamonds resonate with those seeking to make socially responsible purchases, adding another level of allure to their already compelling offerings.

VRAI lab created diamond

Tips When Purchasing Lab-Grown Diamond

We’ve seen above 8 best places where you can shop for the best lab created diamonds, and to make the post more useful for you, here are some tips to make your purchase even better.

These tips actually apply on both diamond types, natural & lab created.

  1. Understand your preferences: The first step to purchasing any diamond, whether lab-grown or natural, is to understand what you are looking for. Do you prefer a particular cut, color, clarity, or carat weight?
  2. Quality over size: While a larger diamond may initially seem more impressive, it’s important to consider the quality of the diamond as well. A smaller diamond of higher quality can often be more desirable than a larger, less perfect stone.
  3. Ask for certifications: It’s crucial to ask for a diamond grading report from a reputable lab when buying lab-grown diamonds. This report will detail the diamond’s specifications and ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality stone.
  4. Find a fair price: Lab-grown diamonds tend to be more affordable than their natural counterparts. But the price can still vary based on the 4Cs – Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity. Make sure to compare prices across different retailers to get the best deal.
  5. Choose a reputable jeweler: It’s important to buy from a trusted jeweler who offers good customer service, clear information about their products, and has positive customer reviews.
  6. Consider sustainability: If you’re choosing a lab-grown diamond, chances are you care about sustainability. Look into the practices of the company you’re buying from to ensure they align with your values, even in natural diamonds, always seep Conflict-Free stones.
  7. Return policy: Check the retailer’s return policy. Reputable companies typically offer a 30-day return policy in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Remember, the best purchase is one that suits your personal style, needs, and budget. Take the time to research and make an informed decision.

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