Is it Worth Buying a True Hearts diamond? James Allen True Hearts Review

What is a True Hearts Diamond Vs. Ideal Cut? True Hearts Cut Genuine Review

You probably have seen a True Hearts Diamond before, if you didn’t, here is one, click on this image to zoom in and see further details (opens in a new tab).

True Hearts 1 Carat Diamond on James AllenYou may have seen some of James Allen True Hearts Diamonds and wondered:

What are True Hearts Diamonds?

What’s the difference between True Hearts & Excellent or Ideal Cut Diamonds?

Is it worth to buy in a True Hearts Diamond? Knowing that these diamonds are priced that much?

We’re talking about 20%-50% increase compared to an Excellent or Ideal cut!

JamesAllen TrueHearts DiamondThe image on the right shows the hearts & arrows of a True Hearts, focus as much as you can because we’re going deeply inside this diamond shortly.

If you want a quick comparison for real diamonds and how True Hearts prices are much higher, look at this 1.5 I-VS2 Excellent Cut Diamond, priced at $9090, and then see this 1.5 True Hearts I-VS2 Ideal, priced at $11680 (Prices might be unavailable if diamonds got sold, but these are (were) the listed prices), we’re talking about +28% price increase in the True Hearts diamond compared to the Excellent one.

Take a deep look and zoom in as you can, because we’re going to cover all what you see (if you actually noticed what they heavily brand as True Hearts)

Today, we’re going to review James Allen True Hearts diamonds, since this might be one of the most questioned diamond on the web: What is James Allen True Hearts Diamonds? And are they worth the price? And like all other good questions we receive from our readers, we’re going today to answer this question, hoping it will uncover the mysterious True Hearts dilemma for a lot of readers, let’s see the question and our answer:

Is a True Heart Diamond Worth The Price?


True Hearts James Allen 25% offI would like to ask about James Allen True Hearts™  Diamonds, but before I forget, I want to thank you for your amazing site and service. I am totally in the dark about diamonds so coming across the information you have here has been invaluable.

I have been looking at some of the diamonds on James Allen and have settled on 3 I really like. One of the 3 has a cut of True Hearts but I can’t find any reference to this on the GIA cert. If I do purchase a True Hearts cut diamond do I still need to pay as much detail to the diamond color and clarity? Is a True Hearts diamond worth the extra money?

Thanks again for all your help!


Thanks for the compliment and I am really happy you found the site helpful in your diamond buying process!

To start, let’s understand what True Heart Diamond means, and I will quote James Allen definition for the round cut True Hearts (since it’s the most common shape, more on this later) initially:

James Allen Definition of True Hearts

True Hearts James Allen Image“At the heart of our True HeartsTM collection are round cut diamonds. These superior Hearts and Arrows diamonds feature perfect proportions and symmetry, as well as the highest grades for cut and polish.

When viewed from certain angles, they reveal intricate patterns of hearts and arrows.

The stones are polished with great precision, yielding an internal reflection of arrows when viewed from above and hearts when viewed from below. This effect is incredibly hard to achieve for even the most skilled diamond cutters.”

End of James Allen Definition.

So, True Hearts is a trademark for James Allen, where they claim to have superior H&A diamonds in perfect cut, polish & symmetry, this “starburst” pattern of this cut has a perfect symmetry and proportion, to the level that you if you look from above, you will see internal reflections of arrows, and another reflection of hearts if you look from below, similar to the image below that shows how it looks from above & below.

Are All True Hearts Follow The Same Standard 100%?

True-hearts James AllenThese diamonds – when viewed using a special viewer (called a Firescope, like this one) – a pattern of well formed hearts and arrows appear on the diamond table.  

The True Heart cut has become popular since the mid 1990’s and has become a heavy marketing tool of the industry as less then 1% of diamonds “earn” the distinction of being called Hearts and Arrows.

On a GIA certificate an H&A diamond will have a cut grade of Excellent and on an AGS  certificate you will see a “Triple 0” grade for the diamond.

Learn about diamonds certificates here.

Learn also why you should NOT buy an EGL certified Diamond

It is important to note that:

1)  Neither GIA or AGS will indicate that a diamond as Hearts and Arrows, the maximum you will get on the certificates is either an “Excellent Cut” on GIA, or “Triple Zero” on AGS as we stated above, so don’t look on the certificate for any indication for True Hearts, as we said it’s a James Allen trademark.

2) A Hearts and Arrows (True Hearts) designation refers only to the cut and not to the color or clarity of the diamond. I have personally seen diamonds that are H&A but have such low quality clarity grades that I would never recommend them.

So basically, True Hearts guarantees a superior cut, symmetry & polish, but you might get a lower grade color or not so clear diamonds clarity, in this search for example, you can clearly see some lower grades colored diamonds, but still considered True Hearts.

True Hearts James Allen Horizontal

Want to know more about the main diamonds characteristics: the 4Cs?

3) A Hearts and Arrows (True Hearts) designation does not at all take into account diamond color – the same rules of non H&A diamonds apply – in round diamonds look at an H color as your sweet spot.

4) Just because a diamond is listed as True Hearts, it does not mean it will be more brilliant then a non-True Hearts diamond that has an Excellent cut. When looking at a diamond you need to take into account its overall cut and appearance not just the fact that it meets Ideal proportions.

5) You may already have noticed this, but since True Hearts is a trademark for James Allen, you might see the same characteristics in other websites referred to as Hearts & Arrows, and Astor at BlueNile or A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds by WhiteFlash

Since we’ve received a lot of inquires from our readers about Blue Nile special collection, we’ve covered Astor By Blue Nile in a dedicated article.

Blue Nile Ring 2

Read our Full Detailed Review & Comparison of James Allen Vs. Blue Nile

Take a look at this image and you will understand better what is meant by H&A or True Hearts:

0.70 Carat E-SI1 TrueHeart James allen Idead Diamond - Hearts and Arrows

Does a True Hearts Diamond on James Allen Worth More Than a “Regular” Ideal Cut?

Not necessarily. I have seen some great True Hearts diamonds that I recommended to people but on the other hand I am all about bang for the buck and there have been many times where I would recommend a regular Ideal cut over a True Hearts.

If you want to see how it looks in real life, see this video:

In Which Cuts You Can Find True Hearts

True Hearts come in one of three cuts, Round (H&A), Princess, and Cushion cut, Only! So if you’re still looking for True Hearts diamond, and found a website (other than James Allen) or a retail store featuring True Hearts (or H&A generally) in other that these 3 cuts, run away, literally.

I hope this covered to you everything you need to know about True Hearts, Astor, or any Triple 0 diamonds, if you still need any help, please feel free to contact me through the contact page

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