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Privacy Policy

We established our privacy policy page to assure our partners and users that their data and information are highly secured in our site and all sites we work with.

We encourage all our users and partners to read our privacy policy, which is summarized in these items:

1- The financial dealings between our site and our partners:

Our partners should be rest-assured that we are responsible for their data and any financial dealings between us, these dealings will be secured in our site. We follow the best procedures to keep these dealings secured.

2- Our Referring Sites:

Through the pages of this site, you will clearly see that we refer our readers to many diamonds & jewelry stores, we’ve chosen to work with these merchants since we are confident that they provide the best diamonds with high quality and make seasonal promotions for the their audience.

3- Links on this site:

Most of the links that we use when we send our readers to the above-mentioned stores are trackable, and if we send a reader to any of these sites and he/she makes a sale, we get compensated for that by the store, without adding any extra dollar on the buyer.

Our commissions come directly from the store profit and not by increasing price on our readers.

4- Diamonds stores reviews:

We do reviews for many online diamond stores, so our reader can be fully aware of the website he/she is considering to get a diamond from. We also show the users the best diamonds (in our sole opinion) which is suitable for them and they can buy it after seeing the sites which sell these diamonds.

5- Your choices in our site:

All the users have the full right to subscribe upon our Email to help us to send to them newsletters via Email. The users have the right to put their comments upon our reviews and posts, all comments will be moderated.

6- Our site rights:

Selecting a Diamond site has the complete right to add or modify any items of its privacy policy page at any time. So, our site administration advises all the users to see our privacy policy page from time to time to know and see any addition or modification to the policy.

7- Copyright of Selecting a Diamond:

All content on Selecting A Diamond is protected and copyrighted to the owners of the website. It is forbidden for any person or institute or site or company or application to use or reuse or paste or copy anything belongs to Selecting a Diamond site without a prior approval.

Selecting A Diamond reserves the right to file official DCMA removal request against any violation, and / or prosecution by the administration of the site.

8- Contact us:

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, we will be glad to get your messages through the Contact Us page. We welcome any opinions that can help us to improve our site and services that our site provides to the users.
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