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This website started as a blog where it was a one-man show back in 2011, I come from a long line of jewelers – 4th generation. Even though I’m not in the business myself, because of my family and decades of being exposed to the business I know the ins and outs of diamonds, jewelry, and how the industry works.

The one thing I have learned is that you don’t need to be an expert to shop for a diamond, but by knowing the key basics, like which of the 4Cs is most important, where you should buy a diamond, and the importance of buying the stone first, you can make a much wiser decision.

Today, has a team of diamonds experts who have tens of years of knowledge in diamonds industry and how this business works.

I strongly recommend reading the following pages before you set out on your diamond buying adventure:

Diamond vs Moissanite Pros, Cons, and Key Differences - The Ultimate Guide

Diamond vs Moissanite: Pros, Cons, and Key Differences

Gemstones have been cherished and recognized as symbols of love, luxury, and undying elegance. It is no question that diamonds, out of all gemstones, are the most sought-after type of gem. However, a dazzling competitor has emerged in recent years:

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Recommended Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat To Get - What Diamond 4CS Should I get

Recommended Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat To Get

Most probably, you’ve already read tens of articles online about how to buy diamonds, and what characteristics you should look for, even on this site, we have many articles that go over each detail for color, clarity, cut, polish, you

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Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are unique gemstones that naturally exhibit intense hues, unlike traditional diamonds, which are valued for their absence of color. These colors can range widely, including blue, green, yellow, pink, red, and even black. The color in these

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Diamond Polish Grades Explained

Diamond Polish Grades Explained

When it’s about diamond brilliance, many factors come into play, and we know that it’s mainly the cut, but do you know that some other factors play a role in the cut grade itself? If you do a search on

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Diamond Clarity Chart with Buying Guide & Tips - What is Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity Chart with Buying Guide & Tips

Summary in a few lines: Clarity is a pillar of Diamonds 4Cs (along with Cut, Color, and Carat), the most important factor in diamond clarity is not getting highest grade possible, but to guarantee an eye clean grade. Diamond Clarity

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The Unspoken Truth of Diamonds - Blood & Conflict Diamonds

The Unspoken Truth of Diamonds: Blood & Conflict Diamonds

Diamonds – their allure is undeniable, but like many precious gems, they can sometimes be tainted by their source. Originating from conflict-ridden regions or procured under unethical circumstances, these “blood diamonds” cast a shadow on the brilliance of this rare

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When Clarity or Color Enhanced Diamonds Are Bad - Diamond Treatments

When Clarity or Color Enhanced Diamonds are Bad?

Summary in a few lines: Enhanced & treated diamonds are natural diamonds, which got some extra “care” to make them look beautiful. Diamonds with “miserable” clarity grades, or colors that need to be intensified (or even changed), can benefit from

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Your Color Grades guide

J Color Grade Review Color J Diamond

J Color Grade Review

A bit far from the colorless group, and sits at the edge of the near colorless group for diamond color grades. What are J color grade diamonds? Are they good? Yellow/colorless to the eye? That’s what we will see in

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I Color Grade Review - When to Get One - Color I Diamond

I Color Grade Review – When to Get One

They are less popular than G or H color diamonds, and completely out of radar for people seeking high color grades like D or E, but from experts point of view, are I color diamonds worth the money? Or if

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H Color Grade Review - Color H Diamond - H Color Grade - Are they Good Choice Worth it

H Color Grade: Are they Good Choice? Worth it?

H color grade comes second in the near colorless group, right after the G color, which has almost no visual difference (to the eye) compared to an F color diamond (colorless). When we study diamonds colors, it’s essential to differentiate

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E Color Grade Review - Color E Diamond - E Color Grade - Should you Get One

E Color Grade: Should you Get One?

Selecting a diamond is a headache when there are so many options, and diamond color is one these characteristics you’ll encounter while searching for the ideal diamond. E color sets near the top of highest color grade available (according to

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G Color Grade Review - Color G Diamond - Color G Diamond - Is it Good or Bad

G Color Diamonds: Are They Yellow or Colorless?

Summary in a few lines: Is G color diamonds good or bad? They are indeed good, actually great! G color diamonds represent the perfect sweet spot, along with H color diamonds, for achieving a colorless appearance without breaking the bank.

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Your Clarity Grades guide

VS1 Diamonds Clarity - The Full Guide - Are VS1 Diamonds Safe to Buy

VS1 Clarity Diamond Definitive Review

When delving into the world of diamonds, clarity grades are often a focal point for buyers, and among them, the VS1 grade tends to hold a special place. It’s not alone though, its close cousins, VS2 and SI1, are also

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VVS1 Diamonds Clarity - The Full Guide - VVS1 Diamonds Review - All You Need to Know

VVS1 Diamonds Review: All You Need to Know

Diamonds are a symbol of beauty, luxury, and everlasting love. Their unique and enduring qualities have made them one of the most coveted precious stones in the world. However, not all diamonds are created equal. One of the most important

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FL Diamonds Clarity - The Full Guide - Flawless Diamonds – FL - Why you Should NOT Get One

Flawless Diamonds – FL: Why you Should NOT Get One?

While shopping at an online store (because rarely found in walk-in jewelry shops), you may come across some insanely priced diamonds that have superior clarity level, called Flawless (or, Internally Flawless). These diamonds might be 2x the price of a

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VVS Diamonds Clarity - The Full Guide

VVS Diamonds Clarity: The Full Guide

When searching for a diamond, you will probably hear this acronym more than any other, the VVS clarity grade. While it’s amazingly beautiful clarity group, it’s usually attached to a high price tag that you need to well-consider before getting

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