Ever wondered how different diamond carat or shapes will reflect on the overall appearance of a diamond?

Or wanted to know how 1 carat diamond looks like on a hand?

These images (which are taken from James Allen preview mode) are 4 different diamonds, in 4 different shapes, but all are 1 carat:

1 carat 4 shapes

If you want to see the real images, here is the round diamond, the Heart one, the Princess, and the Oval.

This Diamond Carat Chart guide will walk you through this so you can understand to which extent carat affects diamonds appearance, let’s begin.

What is Diamond Carat Chart?

We all know that diamonds come in different shapes & sizes, a lot of people mix between shapes & cuts for example, and others think that carat is the same as size!

Why we’re mentioning shapes in the context of carat chart?

Because simply every diamond shape will affect how the diamond looks like, even with same carat.

So for example, a 1 carat princess-shaped diamond will look different (in size) from an oval-shaped diamond!

See what’s the difference between Carat and size?

Assume you have 1 pound of wood, and 1 pound of iron, they are same weight, right? But different sizes!

Carat counts as the pound here in our example, while size is how big (or small) the thing is! Same applies to Diamonds!

Diamond Carat Chart is a system of measuring the weight of a diamond particle, how it looks and how large or small is it! The chart is one of the factors considered when choosing a diamond piece because it’s one of the main characteristics of diamonds (4Cs).

In this article we will go over different diamonds carat and see how they look like in real life, our main focus will be on round diamond because it’s the most popular diamond shape.

1 Carat Diamond Size & Price Chart

Since 1 carat is the most recognizable carat, and people count on it as a reference for any other carat (while this is not totally true as we will see below), we will start our article by defining how 1 Carat round diamond looks like.

A 1 carat round diamond with excellent cut will have the following dimensions:

Diameter: 6.4 – 6.5 mm
Crown: 33.2 mm2

How these dimensions look like in real life? Here is an exact 1 carat round diamond size, scaled 1:1:1 Carat round diamond real size

And here is how it looks on hand:

1 Carat round diamond on a hand

You might sometimes think:

1 carat is only 0.2 of a gram, so it’s most probably a very small diamond and won’t be noticed! The reality is that 1 carat is really a cool-sized diamond, as you see in the image, it’s easily visible, and if you get it with a very good cut, you will guarantee a great sparkle, and everyone’s attention to it!

As for the price of a 1 carat round diamond, it will vary a lot depending on other factors: The remaining Cs of the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Color), polish, symmetry, certificate, fluorescence, and all other factors that sum up to the diamond total price.

But to give you a better understanding of how it works, let’s assume we have a diamond with minimum recommended Cs:

Diamond Cut: Very Good

Diamond Color: H

Diamond Clarity: SI1

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Doing this search on a website like JamesAllen will give us a range of diamonds between around $4k to $5.6k depending on other factors, but you can’t always generalize this, so it’s not necessary a 2 carats diamond with these characteristics will cost around $10k.

That’s because when you get larger diamonds, it’s recommended to get a bit higher in other factors, for example, clarity (inclusions actually) might be more visible in 2 carats diamond than 1 carat, because it’s has a larger surface, which might make it easier to detect an inclusion.

We’ve done the same search on JamesAllen, and found that the same characteristics for 2 carats diamond will give diamonds options that start from $14k!

Find the One James Allen

How Diamond Carat (Weight) Affect Size?

When you saw the 1 carat round dimensions up here, you may have thought: If I do the math correctly, I should multiply these numbers by number of carats I want, so a 2-carat diamond will have 2 x dimensions of 1 carat diamond.

While we all wish this is true, but it’s totally not!

Diamond is not 2D, size relies on the crown, table, pavilion, and others.


When we have a 1 carat diamond with 6.5 mm diameter, most of the carat (weight) of the diamond is hidden under the table! Or in what they call it Diamond Depth.

Diamond depth takes a lot of the diamond weight (Read: How to Measure Diamond Depth?), and to have a better understanding, we’ve created this Diamond Carat & Size Chart for you, here are the approximate dimensions and real size images for 1, 2 & 3 carats diamonds:

Carat (Weight)




Diameter (mm)

6.4 - 6.5

8.0 - 8.2

9.2 - 9.4

Crown (mm2)




Real Size

For an actual Diamond Size Chart with dimensions, you can download this file (Courtesy of Lumera Diamonds) that shows all diamonds shapes dimensions, for carats from 0.25 up to 4 carat, with a scale 1 to 1!

You can easily print the file on A4 to have an “almost” exact size for each diamond.

Why Diamond Cut Affect Size?

Because as simple as we’ve discussed up here, diamond weight is distributed among the whole diamond, from its crown to its culet, look at this image for example that shows how the different cuts for a round diamond have different sizes:

Diamond Cut for Rings

Notice that these 3 diamonds are of the SAME CARAT! Look how different the size of each one looks.

You can easily see that the shallow one has the largest crown surface, and this is true! But please, don’t EVER think to get such a cut because it’s bigger, why?

Because simply this cut is very poor, it doesn’t reflect light well, and although it’s larger than other cuts of same carat, it will NOT sparkle as you want!

Blue Nile PricesFeel free to read our Cut Chart Article that will show in details how each cut grade reflect light.

A lot of diamonds sellers will try to sell you the idea that carat is the most important thing you should look for, while it’s not, always pay the full attention to the CUT since it’s the most important factor out of 4Cs

We always recommend that you get at least a very good diamond cut for this reason, anything below v.good cut will not give a good brilliance.

Diamond Carat Actual Size on Hand

This is a very important thing to consider when choosing a carat, how it will look like on her hands? Valid question.

The image we saw above is a real image without scaling for a 1 carat round diamond on average hand size, and it gives you an idea about how diamond actual size looks like.

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JamesAllen have created this interactive tool that will let you know the actual sizes of different carats, and here are the main 3 carats in one image:

1 & 2 & 3 Carats Actual Sizes on Hand

Buying Tip: Our Recommendation Based on Diamond Size Chart

When you search for your diamond, whether you prefer in the local stores, or you agree with us on buying diamonds online from some the reputable names like JamesAllen  or the premium diamonds selections website Whiteflash, we recommend that you first focus on the CUT.

Read: Why We Recommend Whiteflash for quality diamonds shopping in our Whiteflash detailed review.

Always make the best of your budget to get a v.good cut, then start putting the rest on Clarity, Color & Carat.

If you’re unsure about which carat range to choose from, it’s good to know that most people go with something a little under 1 carat for budgetary reasons, because “roughly speaking” each 1 carat will cost around $4k – $6k.

We always recommend that you don’t get a diamond for the known carat levels, what we mean by that?

If you want a diamond with 1 carat, make your search for diamonds that are between 0.9 & 0.95 carats, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between such carats because their diameter is almost identical to naked-eye!

Same applies to 1.5 carat as well, go a little below, and you’ll find a better price per carat, these carats (0.9 – 0.99 & 1.4 – 1.45) demand is way lower that the known grades (1 & 1.5 respectively), and vendors make a good use of people’s needs to them. Avoid it!

Diamond Sparkle James Allen

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