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What Wedding Band Goes Well for Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

The princess-cut engagement ring is a special type of cut that provides a sleek and modern look in the hands of the one wearing it.

Hillary Duff, Star Jones, and Kate Bosworth have all chosen the princess cut for their jewelry, it’s indeed a great choice.

The princess cut combines the brilliance of a round brilliant cut with a more unique square shape providing a modern and clean look and a versatile design that suits a variety of settings and styles.

What you’re looking for when shopping for the best wedding band for a princess-cut engagement ring is one that supports the main stone and adds to its brilliance and fire, so your diamond ring can shine the brightest way possible.

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band?

Choosing the best wedding band that works well with your engagement ring is an essential and long-lasting step, you won’t change your wedding band every month or every year so you want to choose it wisely. And that’s what I’ll help you do.

You need to take care of your wedding band’s style and ensure it’s compatible with the style of your engagement ring. Here’s a detailed table that shows which style of rings works best with which style of wedding bands. 

Engagement Ring Style Suggested Wedding Band Styles
Classic Solitaire – Plain band (matching metal)
– Pavé or channel set diamond band
– Eternity band
Vintage – Milgrain or filigree band
– Diamond band with vintage detailing
– Matching antique style band
Halo – Pavé set band (to match halo setting)
– Contoured or notched band (for fit)
– Plain band for contrast
Three-Stone – Custom contoured or curved band
– Simple pavé or channel set band
– Plain band for a classic look
Modern/Contemporary – Geometric or asymmetrical band
– Minimalist band
– Mixed metal band for a unique look
Gemstone – Diamond accent band to complement gemstones
– Matching gemstone band (same type/color)
– Plain band to highlight the gemstone
Bezel Set – Sleek, modern band
– Stacking bands for a layered look
– Eternity or half-eternity diamond band
Princess Cut – Straight band to match the square cut
– Channel set with square diamonds
– Chevron or V-shaped band
Pave – Matching pavé set band
– Plain band to contrast and highlight the engagement ring
– Eternity band for additional sparkle
Split Shank – Custom band to fit the split design
– Delicate pavé band to complement the shank
– Plain band for contrast
Cathedral – Curved or notched band to fit around the setting
– Pavé or diamond band to match
– Mixed metal band for a modern twist

In addition to style, you want to make sure your wedding band is made of the same metal as your wedding ring, this ensures that the colors match and that the wear and tear on both rings is similar over time.

Yet some may prefer a contrasting wedding band to the metal of the wedding ring to create a form of eye-catching style which is still a valid option. 

As you probably know, the wedding band could contain gemstones and it could be a classic band with no stones, so you should consider which option you want to go with according to the style of your engagement ring and your preference.

The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure the wedding band and the engagement ring complement each other not compete with each other.

Which Wedding Bands Work Best for A Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

After providing a general explanation of the criteria you should choose a wedding band based on, now we discuss with detail a list of the best wedding bands for princess cut engagement rings.

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1. Standard/Classic Bands

Straight wedding bands are a simple and classic choice, a straight wedding band without any curvature can sit flush against most Princess cut engagement rings. This is a versatile choice that works well with almost any engagement ring style. (check these beautiful straight wedding bands)

Classic wedding band

2. Channel Bands

Channel-set wedding bands are another great option as this type of band features small diamonds set into the channel of the band. It adds extra sparkle and complements the geometric shape of the princess-cut diamond. (check these beautiful channel-set wedding bands)


3. Pavé Bands

A pavé set band, where small diamonds are set closely together, offers a continuous sparkle that pairs beautifully with the brilliance of a Princess cut diamond. (check these beautiful pave set wedding bands)


4. Curved Bands

If the setting of your Princess cut engagement ring extends out, a contoured or curved band can fit around the engagement ring snugly. This style is designed to complement the shape of the engagement ring. (check these beautiful curved wedding bands)


5. Eternity Bands

An eternity band, where diamonds go all around the band, symbolizes never-ending love and matches well with the elegance of a Princess cut diamond. (check these beautiful eternity wedding bands)


6. Baguette Bands

Incorporating baguette diamonds in the band can complement the angular and clean lines of the Princess cut. (check these beautiful baguette wedding bands)


7. Milgrain/Filigree Bands

If your princess-cut engagement ring has vintage elements, a band with intricate milgrain or filigree work can enhance this antique look. (check these beautiful vintage wedding bands)



A princess-cut is a wonderful choice for an engagement ring and you want to make sure that your wedding band is matching and supporting your engagement ring not competing against it.

A classic straight band would make the perfect choice for your engagement ring yet other options can work very well with the princess cut, so make sure to check all the options and choose the one that matches your style and preference.

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