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What Wedding Band Goes Well for Radiant Cut Engagement Ring?

You’re probably going through a mix of feelings right now. You’re happy, excited, nervous, and unsure of what to do.

Your wedding is getting closer, and you haven’t yet chosen the best band for your radiant-cut engagement ring.

No need to worry, we’ve got your back.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all the options that work best for your radiant cut engagement ring, so you can choose the best one that fits your style.

The Radiant Cut

If you’re looking for the elegance of the emerald cut and the brilliance of a round cut then the radiant cut is the perfect choice for you.

The radiant cut combines the designs of both the emerald cut and round cut to create a vibrant and lovely appearance.

It has a rectangular shape with unique corners that set it apart from other rectangular or square cuts.

When picking a wedding band for the radiant cut you want a band that complements and supports its characteristics and adds to its brilliance and fire so you have the overall look that you desire.

What Wedding Bands Work Best with Radiant Cut Engagement Ring?

One lovely option that works perfectly with the radiant cut is the pave or micro pave wedding band. These bands have small diamonds set closely together which adds sparkle to the radiant cut diamond without overshadowing it. It’s perfect for those who prefer a glamorous or luxurious look. Check out this lovely pave band on James Allen.

Pave with radiant cut

Channel set bands are another great option to work with a radiant cut ring, it features diamonds set between two metal stripes which can mimic the clean lines of a radiant cut. This style offers a modern, sleek look and a smooth finish with no prongs, making it a practical and elegant choice. Check out this lovely channel set band on James Allen.


You could also go with a classic plain band that would add to the beauty of a radiant-cut engagement ring without competing with it. It’s perfect for those who prefer a timeless and understated elegance. Matching the metal of the engagement ring ensures a cohesive look. Check out this lovely classic band on James Allen.


If you want a seamless look for your diamond then one of the best choices to make is picking a curved or contour wedding band. These bands are designed to contour around the wedding ring providing a snug fit. Check out this lovely contour ring on James Allen.

Eternity bands would also make a great choice that goes well with the radiant cut engagement ring, as the diamonds circling the band would add to the brilliance of the ring and become a symbol of everlasting love. Check out this lovely eternity band on James Allen.



Selecting the wedding band is as important as selecting the engagement ring, it needs proper care and making a deliberate choice, you want your wedding band to support and add to the brilliance of your engagement ring so the overall look of your rings would feel elegant and sleek as you wish.

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