Q&A: Looking for Eye Clean Round Diamond for $6,000

Question:I am looking for a round diamond on a pretty small budget. I have $6,000 to spend on the diamond and another $800 for the setting. We already picked out a setting which will be a classic “Tiffany” setting in

GIA 0.80 Carat F-VS1 Ideal Cut Round Diamond for $3560

Carat Weight: 0.80Diamond Color :FDiamond Clarity : VS1Diamond Cut : ExcellentDiamond Price: $3560Measurements: 5.93*5.90*3.70Depth: 62.5%Table: 56%Diamond Polish: Very GoodDiamond Symmetry: ExcellentDiamond Fluorescence: StrognThis 0.80 carat F-VS1 BR diamond is featured on James Allen for $3560.Click here to see this GIA 0.80

Will De Beers Shortfall Impact Diamond Prices?

De Beers recently reported that they are planning on cutting back on the total supply of rough diamonds to the market in the 2nd half of 2011. Originally De Beers expected to ship 38 million carats but are now lowering that forecast to 35 million. Whether this effects diamond prices is yet