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Pointed And Etched Tension Set Engagement Ring

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Discover the allure of precision and detail with the 14K White Gold Pointed & Etched Tension Set Engagement Ring. This ring presents a flawless canvas that complements a broad spectrum of center diamond shapes, from the sought-after round to the timeless marquise, promising a finished piece that resonates with your personal taste.
The pointed and etched design of the setting adds a layer of sophistication, enhancing the clean appearance and focusing all attention on the jewel that adorns it.
Offering flexibility in customization, this design is not only available in 14K white gold but can also be crafted in the luxurious touch of 18kt gold, providing options to suit every preference, and with a width that spans from 5.00 to 11.00mm and a protective rhodium finish, this engagement ring stands as a testament to love that’s both enduring and exquisitely tailored to your journey together.
Metal: 14K White Gold
Width: 5.00-11.00mm
Rhodium Finish: Yes
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