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Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring

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This 14K White Gold Spiral Tension Set ring design not only secures but also spectacularly showcases the diamond of your choosing, allowing for an unobstructed view of its breathtaking beauty.
The tension setting, a marvel of engineering and design, offers both security and a unique aesthetic, ensuring the stone appears as if magically suspended. With a bold width that varies from 5.50 to 10.00mm, it caters to those who desire a statement piece that merges modernity with timeless charm.
Finished in radiant 14K white gold and polished with a rhodium coat for enduring shine, this engagement ring is the epitome of contemporary sophistication, ideal for the one who appreciates a classic touch in a modern silhouette.
Metal: 14K White Gold
Width: 5.50-10.00mm
Rhodium Finish: Yes
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