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Three Stone Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

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The 14K White Gold Three Stone Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring is a timeless testament to classic elegance, designed to highlight the enduring beauty of your love. This exquisite ring features two beautifully matched pear-shaped blue sapphires that gracefully accent the center diamond of your choice, creating a harmonious blend of color and sparkle.

The vibrant blue sapphires, each measuring 5x4mm, serve as a stunning complement to the brilliance of the central diamond, enhancing its splendor.

Set in a wire basket with a slightly rounded, airline shank, the design of this engagement ring is both sophisticated and comfortable for everyday wear. The band, crafted in lustrous 14K white gold, measures a slender 2.20mm in width, offering a delicate backdrop to the vibrant gemstones.

Finished with a rhodium coating, the ring is ensured lasting brilliance and protection against wear, symbolizing the timeless nature of your commitment.

*Center diamond is flanked by pear gemstones measuring 5x4mm.

Metal: 14K White Gold
Width: 2.20mm
Rhodium Finish: Yes
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