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Three Stone Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

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Featuring two smaller pear-shaped diamonds delicately placed on each side, this 14K White Gold Three Stone Pear Shaped Engagement Ring beautifully complements the central gem, creating a harmonious display of brilliance and grace.

These side stones not only accentuate the size of the main diamond but also add a breathtaking dimension to the ring’s overall appearance, ensuring that it catches the light—and admirers’ eyes—from every angle.

Crafted with precision in 14K white gold, the ring’s band gracefully transitions from 2.00mm to 2.10mm in width, providing a slender and refined foundation for the trio of diamonds. Enhanced with a rhodium finish, this engagement ring promises lasting shine and durability, symbolizing the everlasting nature of your love.

Metal: 14K White Gold
Width: 2.00-2.10mm
Rhodium Finish: Yes
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