How Strong Are Diamonds?

Diamonds are well famous for being a girl’s best friend as well as a sign of undying love and we must have all heard of how they last forever because of their impressive strength.

While it is well-established that these brand of precious stones are loved by ladies and are strong, you might have found yourself wondering about the extent of their strength. This question must in fact have driven you to open up this article. To answer your questions regarding the strength of diamonds, we would be looking into how strong diamonds are.

Firstly, What Are Diamonds Made From?

Q-CarbonDiamonds have for decades been known to be the hardest and strongest precious stone on the earth up until recently when scientists discovered Q carbon which they say is stronger than diamond.

Irrespective of this new discovery, diamonds have such amazing strength that they are said to be able to cut glass and fellow diamonds without suffering any damage to themselves or their form. Impressive right? Going on, the strength of diamonds are primarily anchored on what they are created from as well as their shape.

Diamonds are crafted from carbon which has been subjected to intense pressure and heat. Such heat and pressure can only be discovered in eighty seven to a hundred and twenty of the mantle of the earth.  They are as a matter of fact created during the time-frame of a 1-3.3 billion years.

The heat combined with the pressure makes the molecules of the diamond to be altered so that they are merged together and the molecules consequently become unable to move. The joining of the molecules is also known as covalent bonding. In line with that, the merging is the reason behind diamonds being hard. Having established that, let’s take a look into how strong they are.

What’s The Extent of The Strength of A Diamond?

Diamonds are the second strongest gemstones on earth (the first being Q carbon as we mentioned above) and they in fact come from a Greek word which when translated means unbreakable. Flowing from that, on the Mohs scale of minerals that are rigid and resistant to pressure and scratches, diamonds are given an impressive ten over ten.

Mohs scale of mineral toughness was birthed in the year 1812 by a mineralogist and German geologist known as Frederick Mohs. Mohs Scale

So judging from the above, diamonds are pretty tough and you really should not bother about mistakenly breaking your diamond. This is because cutting a diamond takes a lot of pressure, skill, precision and the right equipment.

In line with the above, it is therefore safe to say that despite their hardness and their resistance to pressure, they are not unbreakable as the translation of their greek name implies. If they were, it would be completely impossible for diamond cutters to cut them into different sizes to be used for jewelry. So how exactly are diamonds cut?

How Are Diamonds Cut And Who Cuts Them?

There are essentially two methods of cutting diamonds and they are the cleaving method and the cutting method.

The cleaving method focuses on cutting large diamonds that are freshly gotten from the mines into smaller sizes. This is also known as rough cuts and the smaller diamonds can be formed into jewelries. Cutting method on its part is used for slicing the diamonds into their final sizes, and most importantly, the diamond shape (how it will look at the end).

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When cutting diamonds, fine sharp knives or lasers that are perfect for the size or sizes of the diamonds involved are used. These knives or lasers always produce flawless cuts.  Most diamond cutters also express that another effective way to cut a diamond is by using another diamond.

You should also know that diamond cutting goes through a lot of stages and can only be perfectly done by diamond cutters with the requisite skill and experience.

The first stage is the rough cut. Next is the shaping of the diamonds, then the polishing of the diamonds and finally there is the setting of the diamonds stage.

Each stage can take quite sometime before it gets to the setting stage and if the diamond cutter is not so skilled or experienced, improperly cut diamonds can be produced. Now a lot of people may ask if improperly cut diamonds are easily breakable or if they are still strong. Let’s take a look.

Do Improperly Cut Diamonds Have Lesser Strength?

Diamonds as explained above are made from carbon which has been subjected to intense pressure and heat and the molecules merge together thereby making them strong. This strength is retained irrespective of the cutting process diamonds consequently go through. So an improperly cut diamond does not make it weaker than a properly cut diamond.

It is in fact still unbreakable unless the right tools are engaged in cutting it. So if your diamond is improperly cut, you have no reason to worry about it getting broken for any reason whatsoever because accidentally breaking this gemstone is near impossible.

On a final note, diamonds indeed are forever. Irrespective of the presence of Q carbon which is a combination of carbon, graphite and diamond, regular diamonds which are hewn from the mines are extremely strong and are indestructible. It’s no wonder why they are consistently used as a symbol of everlasting love. They never depreciate in value, and they are unbreakably strong. They can also only be split by skilled diamond cutters who make use of fellow diamonds, lasers or fine sharp knives.

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