No, EGL Diamonds are NOT Cheaper!

One of the more frequent questions I get here on the site is about the differences in cert types. I have literally been asked about dozens of different certs from just about everywhere in the world.  If you have read through my page dedicated to this top you know that I am very clear on this- the only certs you should be looking at are GIA, IGI, AGS.

Of the dozens of questions I get the most common by far is about EGL diamonds. This question is so common that I dedicated a page to it on its own. No matter how clear I try and be on this topic (for those who are in doubt let me clear – Don’t Buy EGL Diamonds!) I always find it hard to really convince people 100% on this. The fact is that without a clear understanding on how diamonds are graded and the differences between the labs it is very easy to fall trap and think that an EGL diamond is a bargain. The fact is they are more expensive. That’s right – EGL diamonds are more expensive the GIA or AGS. If that’s the case why do so many people think they are getting a bargain with EGL stones? Check out this great video that clearly explains this topic.

Check out the video below:




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