Q&A: How to Verify a Diamond Certificate?

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I recently purchased a certified diamond from a local retailer. The diamond came with a GIA certificate but I am now starting to have some concerns that the certificate doesn’t really belong to this diamond. Is there any way for me to verify that the certificate is real?



Great question. Depending on the diamond clarity you may be able to see for yourself. The certificate should have a diagram on it which shows the inclusions and imperfections on the diamond. If the diamond is an SI2 or lower you can use a magnifying glass and match up the inclusions for yourself. If you have an SI1 or higher you may have to go to a jeweler and ask him to look at it using a loupe. The jeweler should be able to tell you if the diamond grading report that you were given matches up with the actual diamond.

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If you are interested in just verifying that the actual report is real you can use the GIA online report heck service located at:


You can also refer to this website to check for further details:


Of course buying from a reputable jeweler such as James Allen is a great way to avoid the situation you are in in the future!



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