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Diamond Cuts Sparkling: Which Shape is Best for Brilliance?

Have you ever wondered why is it the case that round diamonds sparkle more than any other diamond cut?

Diamond sparkle is one of the fascinating reasons why we love this beautiful gem, it has a special charm that makes you fall in love with it, and the round diamonds excel when it comes to sparkle. But what is the secret?

In this article, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about why round diamonds sparkle more and how to get the most sparkle out of your diamond.


What is Sparkle?

Let us begin this article with the formal definition of sparkle as gemologists define it: A sparkle is a dynamic interaction between the dark and bright parts of the diamond as the light source or the diamond moves, it is concerned with the contrast between the dark and light inside a diamond.

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Why Do Diamonds Sparkle?

A diamond’s ability to sparkle is dependent on its ability to reflect light properly. Diamonds’ internal facets work as mirrors that distribute and reflect light inside the diamond. If these mirrors are well-engineered the diamond will be more able to reflect light than a poor-engineered cut.

So why do diamonds sparkle?

Because when light hits a diamond’s surface and internal facets it gets reflected back to the top of the diamond (called the table) and the distribution of light inside the diamond and the amount of light reflected back to the top by the diamonds’ internal facets is what makes the diamond sparkle.

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What is the Difference Between Sparkle and Brilliance and Fire?

Brilliance is concerned with the diamond’s ability to reflect back the white light that hits its surface before it gets inside the diamond. The amount of white light reflected from the surface of the diamond is what is called the brilliance of the diamond.

Fire is about light dispersion into the spectral colors due to reflecting from the internal facets of the diamond. The spectral colors reflected by the internal facets of the diamond are what is called the diamond’s fire.

Sparkle, as we discussed, is the dynamic movement of light inside the diamond leaving bright and dark parts in contrast inside the diamond.

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How Do the Internal Facets of a Diamond Contribute to its Sparkle?

The internal facets of a diamond work as a mirror reflecting the light inside the diamond. It’s how the light gets distributed inside the diamond and gets reflected back to the top creating that lovely sparkle that we all love and appreciate.

Why Do Round Diamonds Sparkle More?

Round diamonds have 58 internal facets, more than any other diamond cut, this means it is more capable of catching and reflecting the largest amount of light that hits the diamond giving it the most amount of sparkle that you would be looking for in a diamond.

3 Tips to Get the Most Sparkle Out of Your Diamond

We all would love more add more sparkle to our diamonds, here are some tips for more sparkle:

  1. Choose the right cut: a round brilliant cut would be the best for you if sparkle is a priority, other cuts would also have decent sparkle if a round cut isn’t an available option for you such as the princess cut, which is known for its sharp angles and shape that can closely mimic the brilliance of a round diamond. The oval cut, with its elongated shape, offers a unique play of light and can appear larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight. The cushion cut, with its rounded corners and larger facets, provides a soft, romantic sparkle and excellent fire. The radiant cut, a mix between a round and emerald cut, offers both brilliance and a distinctive crushed ice appearance. Lastly, the pear-shaped cut, combining the qualities of both round and marquise cuts, offers an elegant teardrop form with a splendid display of sparkle. Each of these cuts has its own unique charm and can exhibit a captivating sparkle, making them worthy alternatives to the round cut.
  2. Choose the right setting: more diamonds in the ring setting would add more sparkle to the overall look of the ring, so make sure to consider settings like halo, pavé, or channel settings, which incorporate multiple smaller diamonds around the main stone or along the band. These additional diamonds catch the light from various angles, enhancing the ring’s overall brilliance and scintillation. However, it’s important to balance the desire for sparkle with your personal style and budget. Additionally, ensure that the quality of the smaller diamonds matches or complements the main stone to achieve a harmonious and dazzling effect.
  3. Regular maintenance: The most effective and affordable way to keep the sparkle of your diamond shining is to keep regular maintenance for the diamond, so make sure to clean it gently but thoroughly with a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Use a soft toothbrush to carefully brush away any dirt or grime, especially around the setting where particles can accumulate. Rinse it under warm running water, and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Additionally, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and remove your diamond jewelry during activities that could dirty or damage it. Consider having it professionally cleaned and inspected by a jeweler once or twice a year to ensure the setting remains secure and to restore its brilliance fully.

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