1.02 Carat G-SI1 Round Diamond GIA – $6983

Carat Weight: 1.02Diamond Color: GDiamond Clarity: SI1Diamond Cut: ExcellentDiamond Price: $6983Measurements: 6.44*6.47*4.02Depth: 62.3%Table: 57%Diamond Polish: Very GoodDiamond Symmetry: ExcellentDiamond Fluorescence: NoneThis 1.02 carat I-VS2 Round diamond is featured on BlueNile for $6983.Click here to see this GIA1.02 carat I-VS2 Round diamond on BlueNile! 

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No, EGL Diamonds are NOT Cheaper!

One of the more frequent questions I get here on the site is about the differences in cert types. I have literally been asked about dozens of different certs from just about everywhere in the world.  If you have read through my page dedicated to this top you know that I am very clear on this- the only certs you should be looking at are GIA, IGI, AGS. Of the dozens of questions I get the most common by far is about EGL diamonds. This question is so common that I dedicated a page to it on its own. No matter how clear I try and be on this topic (for those who are in doubt let me clear – Don’t Buy EGL Diamonds!) I always find it hard to really convince people 100% on this. The fact is that without a clear understanding on how diamonds are graded and the differences between the labs it is very easy to fall trap and think that an EGL diamond is a bargain. The fact is they are more expensive. That’s right [...]

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India diamond exports point to possible softening in market

Rapaport Diamond news site is reporting that India has seen a huge drop off in its polished diamond exports for the month of September. This is bad news for US retailers as India is now a major factor in the diamond industry and the fact that these numbers are down could reflect a weakening of demand heading into the major US retail season. Most US retailers see about 80% of their annual revenue during the next 3 months and we could see a softening of pricing if this low demand keeps up.You can read the full article here: http://www.diamonds.net/News/NewsItem.aspx?ArticleID=41317&ArticleTitle=Indias%2bPolished%2bExports%2b-39%2525%2bin%2bSeptember

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Q&A: Does Fluorescence Influence Price?

Question:Randy,I am looking for at a couple of round diamonds on James Allen, both are almost identical for the color, carat, and many other factors, but one of them is priced higher with $400 for almost no reason, except one that has faint florescence :https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/1.08-carat-h-color-vs2-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-2570936/and:https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/1.07-carat-h-color-vs2-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-4779336My question is why the big price difference? The only difference I can see is that the 1.08 carat diamond has a faint fluorescence. Could this be the only reason for a $400 price difference between the two diamonds?  Can you see any reason I should be opting for the 1.07 more expensive diamond?ThanksM.Answer:Thanks for writing in. These are both very nice diamonds and will be eye-clean. As to why there is a $400 difference between them….Fluorescence isn’t the only difference between them.  If you look closely at the details you will see there is also a difference in the girdle, measurements, and polish. Each of these can contribute somewhat to the price of the diamond. However the truth is that in this case I don’t believe the discrepancy is because of any one diamond characteristic [...]

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Q&A: A Quick Look on Conflict-Free & Ethical Diamonds

Question:Randy,I am in the market for a 1.5 carat round diamond. Besides the usual 4C’s issues my girlfriend is insisting that we purchase an “Ethical Diamond”. She is very concerned that the diamond not in any way be a conflict diamond. After much research I found 2 companies that seem to specialize in this Brilliant Earth and Green Karat.  Are you familiar with these companies? Can they both be trusted that the diamonds are in fact conflict free? Can you recommend any other sites I can look at?I really appreciate your site and all the amazing content on it.JoeAnswer:Joe,I appreciate your writing in and very happy that you enjoy the site. Your question is a great one. Before answering let me tell you that I am not a big fan of buying “Ethical Diamonds” from retailers who specialize in this – in my opinion (and this is just my opinion…) this is a form of Greenwashing that really isn’t necessary.  You can read more about this topic on the page I put up  here. I got into a lot of [...]

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Q&A: Looking for Eye Clean Round Diamond for $6,000

Question:I am looking for a round diamond on a pretty small budget. I have $6,000 to spend on the diamond and another $800 for the setting. We already picked out a setting which will be a classic “Tiffany” setting in yellow gold. We have looked through so many stores and we (especially me) are totally confused as to what we should be look for. I would like the diamond to be as clean as possible but my Fiancé is also concerned that it shouldn’t look too small. After reading a number of pages on your site I think I was being misled by a number of them and have decided to try and buy online. I looked at both BlueNile and James Allen and have a couple of options I wanted to know if you can look at and give me your opinion on.http://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/H-SI2-Excellent-Cut-Round-Diamond-4785155http://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/I-SI1-Excellent-Cut-Round-Diamond-3257554http://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/J-SI1-Excellent-Cut-Round-Diamond-4708535http://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/I-SI2-Excellent-Cut-Round-Diamond-3031129I really appreciate your time and the amazing articles you have on the site. Answer:Thanks for the note and I am happy the site was able to help. As for the 4 you sent me.In terms of size [...]

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Q&A: Looking for a 1 carat or more diamond for under 10K

Question:Hi,Amazing site! I have learned more in the last hour reading your articles then I have by going to 3 different stores.I am looking to buy a diamond over 1 carat  and under 10K. I was looking through some of the ones you have listed on the side of your site and came across this one, http://selectingadiamond.com/1-14-carat-ags-certified-h-vs2-ideal-cut-round-diamond-for-9750/ but had a couple of questions:Even under the magnification I can’t find why this is a VS2 and not a higher clarity grade. Also, The picture looks a little fuzzy, I read on your diamond fluorescence page that if the diamond has some fluorescence  it can make the diamond look hazy (or I think you call it milky) is that the problem with this diamond? The diamond certification is AGS and not GIA – is that a problem? All in all can you give me your opinion of that diamond?Thanks so much and again- amazing site!Answer:Thanks so much for writing in and I am happy that you enjoyed the site.The diamond you sent me is a beautiful stone. As for why the diamond [...]

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1.20 Carat GIA H Color -SI2 Clarity Excellent Cut Round Diamond For $7280

Carat Weight: 1.2 Diamond Color: H Diamond Clarity: SI2 Diamond Cut: Ideal Diamond Price: $7280 Measurements: 6.78*6.81*4.23 Depth: 62.3 Table: 57 Diamond Polish: Excellent Diamond Symmetry: Excellent Diamond Fluorescence: Faint This 1.2 carat H-SI2 Round diamond is featured on James Allen for $7280. Click here to see this GIA1.2 carat H-SI2 Round diamond on James Allen!  

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1.20 Carat H Color SI2 Clarity Excellent Cut Round Diamond for $7210

Carat Weight: 1.2 Diamond Color: H Diamond Clarity: SI2 Diamond Cut: Very Good Diamond Price: $7210 Measurements: 6.76*6.79*4.22 Depth: 62.2 Table: 59 Diamond Polish: Excellent Diamond Symmetry: Excellent Diamond Fluorescence: None This 1.2 carat H diamond color -SI2 diamond clarity Round diamond is featured on James Allen for $7210. Click here to see this GIA1.2 carat H-SI2 Round diamond on James Allen!  

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Q&A: G Color vs. H Color – What’s the Deal?

I will be buying a diamond in the next few weeks and I am comfortable with the choice of clarity that I want but I am really debating what color to go with. I see on several of your pages that you claim that there is no difference between G diamond color and H diamond color. Given the price difference and the fact that these diamonds are certified by top labs like GIA how it can be that there is no difference. Are you saying that it’s all just marketing hype and that all diamonds are the same colors? I went into a few local retailers and looked at the diamonds myself and in many cases I was able to see the difference between colors even in one color grade. Are you sure it’s OK to go with an H color diamond over a G? I don’t want to disappoint my fiancé. Thanks! Great questions and I appreciate your writing in so I can clear this up for you. First, you have to differentiate between what a diamond certificate ways [...]

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