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Find the One James Allen

How to Measure Diamond Depth?

The beauty of the diamond is what attracts all of us to it. When people see a diamond, its shinning crystal finish and dazzle gives

How Strong Are Diamonds?

Diamonds are well famous for being a girl's best friend as well as a sign of undying love and we must have all heard of

What is EGL Diamond Certificate?

What are Certified Diamonds?One might have heard of people buying fake gems; especially fake diamonds. Many times, these people paid greatly for the diamonds, but

Another happy reader!

Randy Thanks for your help in my recent purchase of an engagement ring. I appreciate your expertise and patience. The final choice was this three

Update to Diamond Video Challenge

Earlier this week I posted this story with a video showing reactions to 2 diamonds of different quality and clarity grades. The point of the video was

Is Diamond Fluorescence Good or Bad?

Over the years, there has been a growing misconception about the fluorescent property of diamonds, some regard it as a good feature while the others

Thank You! Another Satsfied Customer

Randy,Just wanted to thank you again for your assistance in my quest for the perfect diamond. After carefully reviewing both of the recommendations you sent

Diamond Table and Depth – What Are They?

In Diamond Cut practices, there are certain significant factor components that must be put to consideration- if the perfect aesthetic and beauty potentials of the gemstone

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This coming Sunday, May 12th will mark the annual Mother’s Day celebration. Not surprisingly the millions of mothers across the country are not the only

Blue Nile Ring

VS1 Clarity Diamonds

After recently adding this Diamond Clarity Chart with actual photos I received a number of emails requesting that I expand a little more on each

SI1 Diamond Clarity

Did you ever wonder why on both James Allen and Blue Nile there can be such a wide discrepancy of prices for what at first

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