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Let’s start with the basics: The 4Cs

Diamond and lines

Out of tens of diamond characteristics, these 4 are the most important factors you must be aware of



Stands on top of the 4Cs, it defines how well-proportioned the diamond is, and how much light it can reflect, any dollar invested in better cut is a good investment

Clarity diamond


Refers to the absence of imperfections/birthmarks found on the diamond surface & body, the cleaner the diamond, the higher clarity grade it is, and obviously more expensive

Diamond color 1


How much (if any) yellow color the diamond has? And to which extent it can be seen by naked eye? Different groups & deferent grades to learn about

Diamond Carat


How much weight the diamond is, and by weight, higher carat doesn’t necessarily mean larger stone, as this is hugely affected by Cut!

Where to shop for Diamonds?

Diamond and lines

You might be a big fan of walking into a diamond store and inspect diamonds with your own eyes, but let’s tell you one thing:

With the immersive advancement of imaging technology in the diamond industry, you will be able to examine diamonds online with 360-degree full HD images, sometimes better than inspecting the diamond with your own eyes.

When this comes along with the ability to pick from hundreds of thousands of diamonds in a single store (like James Allen or Blue Nile), the temptation is hard to resist.

And beside this, or actually on top of it, the prices you see online are way cheaper and much more competitive than diamond pricing in local stores, let’s read a little more why we recommend shopping diamonds line…

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Diamond and lines

We have a piece of content for everything you need when shopping for your diamond, but these hand-picked guides are essential for a better understanding of diamonds industry

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Diamond Certifications

Diamond and lines

What’s the point of understanding all diamond characteristics if you can’t rely on a trusted source to examine, asses, and provide accurate grades for diamond 4Cs and other characteristics?

Here comes the need to always count on getting diamond that are graded & certified by the most reputable certification labs: GIA & AGS.

Luckily, getting these diamonds are pretty easy today, as the major online stores (James Allen & Blue Nile) have a very (like very) large collection of diamonds which are certified by these 2 labs.