How to Choose The Best Diamonds & Bands For Anniversaries

Searching for an anniversary gift for him or her goes far beyond just getting anything expensive. Wedding Anniversaries are the biggest "milestones" in any couples life, and an anniversary gift is meant to be symbolic and expressive.It’s meant to tell

James Allen Review – All You Need to Know

Okay, this might be a tough article, we've been working with & recommending James Allen for years, but today, we will be totally unbiased, and take you through a deep & detailed review of James Allen, one (if not the

How Diamond Pricing Works? How The 4Cs Affect Diamond Pricing?

How Diamonds Pricing Works? What "Actually" Matters in Diamond Pricing?In my opinion, the most important aspect of selecting a diamond, is understanding how diamonds are priced, because it's also the most misunderstood aspect in diamonds industry.  After reading this page

Where to Buy The Most Beautiful Diamond at The Best Price.

One of the more popular questions I get is from people wanting to know why they should buy diamonds online vs. walking into a local jeweler.  Generally there are 2 motivations for asking this question:1)   When buying something like a