Is G Color Diamond Good to Buy?

We get this question a lot, when people are a bit unsure of what color they should look for in a diamond, it becomes a bit confusing since a lot of web articles recommend going low in color and spend

Is Diamond Fluorescence Good or Bad?

Over the years, there has been a growing misconception about the fluorescent property of diamonds, some regard it as a good feature while the others say it's bad. Are diamonds fluorescence really bad like they say? Let's take a while

How to Measure Diamond Depth?

The beauty of the diamond is what attracts all of us to it. When people see a diamond, its shinning crystal finish and dazzle gives it a very attractive look. If you are familiar with diamonds, you will know that

Diamond Clarity SI1: Is this Good Enough?

Finding the right diamond for you or your loved ones requires that you have at least, the basic understanding of the different types of diamonds on the market, and their characteristics. While diamond market experts would easily tell you that

How Strong Are Diamonds?

Diamonds are well famous for being a girl's best friend as well as a sign of undying love and we must have all heard of how they last forever because of their impressive strength.While it is well-established that these brand

Diamond Inclusion Chart – How it Affects Clarity?

Everyone notices the freckles that some people have as opposed to the conventional birthmarks of others because they are very unique. They are considered to be beautiful and in some quarters sexy. The same cannot, however, be said about certain

All You Need To Know About Diamond Cut Chart

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful gemstones you can find anywhere around the world. They are charming and adorable little cuties that make the eyes glitter and melt the hearts.What makes a diamond sparkle more than another? Many reasons,

What is the Best Diamond Clarity?

We get this question quite a lot, when we want to buy loose diamond, What is the best diamond clarity should we look for?Since we can easily (but wrongfully) say: "Get the highest clarity possible, and you will be fine"