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James Allen vs Blue Nile Review: Which is Better for You?

James Allen vs Blue Nile: Which is the Better Diamond Retailer?

Summary in a few lines:

“Buying diamonds online” – the phrase that instantly triggers the names Blue Nile and James Allen, the trailblazers in the world of digital diamond commerce.

These pioneers, boasting a combined inventory of over a million diamonds, have revolutionized our approach to diamond shopping.

Blue Nile, the innovator of an expansive business model, permits you to browse a vast array of diamonds, while James Allen, a leader in imaging technology, provides a remarkable visual experience for users, pushing competitors to follow suit.

With both platforms offering stellar customer support, competitive pricing, and a seamless shopping experience, choosing between the two can be challenging given their superb offerings, and that’s why we’ve crafted this comparison.

As avid fans of online diamond shopping ourselves, we feel it’s crucial to highlight why this method is advantageous, if you’re still on the fence. Let’s delve into the nuances that distinguish these giants in the diamond industry.

Buying Diamonds Online or Walk-in Stores?

Whether you are an experienced diamond shopper or a novice just wanting to purchase the perfect engagement ring, the debate of online shopping versus brick-and-mortar stores is one you’ve likely encountered.

Though each method has its merits and drawbacks, we’ve found that the advantages of shopping for diamonds online outweigh those of traditional retail shopping.

JamesAllen Summer Sweethearts Sale 25

This isn’t surprising considering online platforms allow you the leisure to explore options at your own pace, free from pressure exerted by eager salespeople.

They provide detailed filtering options, 360-degree high-resolution imagery, and elevated zoom levels that let you assess your chosen diamond in close detail, putting them two steps ahead of physical stores!

Even the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) endorses online diamond shopping, offering their own guide with tips for the process.

Best Places to Buy Diamonds Online

In the realm of online diamond shopping, three platforms stand head and shoulders above the rest. We’re going to delve deep into a comparison between the two juggernauts of this industry: James Allen and Blue Nile.

As a side note, our third pick, renowned for its collection of premium diamonds A CUT ABOVE®, is Whiteflash.

Whiteflash 360 HD Diamond Videos 970x250 1

With both James Allen and Blue Nile possessing substantial online footprints and impressive reputations, it’s easy for potential buyers to feel overwhelmed. Questions abound, such as: “Is James Allen superior to Blue Nile?” or “Should I choose Blue Nile due to their longevity in the market and extensive diamond inventory?” Doubts even extend to their legitimacy and the security of transferring substantial amounts online.

Let’s get started!

James Allen vs Blue Nile: At-a-Glance Overview Before Detailed Comparison

For those who appreciate a concise summary before diving into the nitty-gritty, this section is for you.

Here, we offer a swift comparison table encapsulating the key aspects we’ll further elaborate on in this article.

In several areas, both vendors emerge evenly matched, denoted by the color green.

However, in the comprehensive comparison to follow, we’ll shed light on subtle distinctions that may tip the scale in favor of one retailer over the other.


James Allen

Blue Nile

Years in Business

Founded 2006

Founded 1999

Diamonds Images & Display

360-degree HD images & videos, 40x SuperZoom

Introduced 360-degree images, yet not comparable to JA

Interface, Search & Listing

Convenient Search & Filters (with 360-degree images in search results!)

Convenient as well, but without images unless you open each diamond

Inventory & Options

Largest online inventory, with more than 270000 diamonds

Very large inventory with more than 160000 diamonds, a lot of them are of lesser carats (more variaty than JA on this)


Two showrooms

Five showrooms

Diamond Price Guarantee

Offer Diamond Price Guarantee if you get almost an "exact" diamond priced elsewhere

Same thing, they offer Diamond Price Guarantee if you get almost an "exact" diamond priced elsewhere

Return, Engraving & Resizing

30 days money-back guarantee, one year free resizing, free engraving

30 days money-back guarantee, one year free resizing, $25 engraving

Customer Care and Service

24/7 chat, free ASET analysis (3 images). no diamond reservation (they do if you're serious)

24/7 chat, no free ASET images, diamond reservation (not confirmed on their site)

Diamond Packaging

Nice red package that can be used as an elegant jewelry box, special cleaning cloth

Very simple (yet, nice) packaging

Shop Now

Latest JA Logo

Latest BN Logo

Detailed Comparison for Blue Nile vs James Allen

Experience in Diamond Industry

For some customers, the decision-making process is strongly influenced by the length of time a company has been in business. The reasoning stems from the belief that longevity equates to expertise. Although this rationale doesn’t always hold true across all industries, more established businesses often enjoy a certain prestige.

This perspective is often applied to diamond shopping. If you share this viewpoint, Blue Nile’s extensive history may appeal to you. However, let’s question whether tenure should be the sole determinant in your choice of merchant.

Longevity in the market doesn’t necessarily guarantee superiority. In fact, a newcomer might outperform an industry veteran, as exemplified when a novice competitor, entering a decade later, poses a significant threat in a remarkably short span.

For instance, Blue Nile, established in 1999, is perceived by many industry experts as having a deep-rooted experience in the market, while James Allen, founded in 2006, is often associated with a millennial-friendly approach.

This mainly stems from Blue Nile’s extended presence, having become a synonymous brand within the online diamond shopping sphere.

However, this doesn’t discredit either brand’s authenticity. Rather, it emphasizes that each appeals to different demographics, influencing respective buying decisions.

Blue Nile Shop Engagement Rings

Imaging Technology

Shaping Online Diamond Shopping

The diamond industry, particularly online shopping, has come a long way since its inception. The absence of actual diamond images was a hurdle faced by pioneers like Blue Nile for nearly 17 years.

Fast-forward to 2023, and advancements in imaging technology have made viewing diamonds online arguably more beneficial than physical inspections for the everyday shopper.

Digital shopping now allows customers to explore products in unprecedented detail, using high-definition images, videos, and 360-degree views, even in the diamond industry. This accessibility gives buyers the power to examine magnified diamond images and make more informed decisions.

Sample Images vs. Real Images

All diamond retailers, including Blue Nile and James Allen, provide information on a diamond’s 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color).

Unfortunately, some still display sample images instead of the actual diamond. Blue Nile was a part of this practice until the end of 2016, when they acknowledged the need for change.

Diamond Image Placeholder Blue Nile

Prior to 2016, Blue Nile used placeholder or sample images for their diamonds. This issue led to the introduction of the 360° Diamond View, providing a detailed look at most of their diamonds. However, the majority of Blue Nile diamonds now come with actual images.

Bluenile diamonds with images

Image Quality Comparison

A comparison between Blue Nile and James Allen reveals stark differences in their imaging technology and quality. Despite Blue Nile’s introduction of the 360-degree view, the clarity and detail of James Allen’s images stand out.

James Allen has taken imaging a step further with their “SuperZoom” feature, offering a 40x zoom for every diamond. This incredible level of detail, as demonstrated by the images of a 1-carat diamond empowers shoppers with valuable insights for making a purchase decision.

blue nile vs james allen

Want to take the “SuperZoom” for a spin? Here is a magnified image (20x) for this spectacular 1.08 True Hearts diamond on James Allen:

1.08 Carat True Hearts James Allen

You can see almost every detail on it, right? Then let’s see how it looks under 40x:

1.08 Carat True Hearts James Allen 40x

And NO, we didn’t just “zoom in” the first image. Both of these images are interactive in 360-degrees and you can see the size exactly as it is as well.

This close-up examination is especially useful when considering diamonds of SI1 clarity, where visual inspection is critical to ensure the diamond appears clean to the naked eye. James Allen offers a comprehensive view of their products compared to Blue Nile’s standard 360-degree images.

User Interface, Search & Listing

Shopping online is as much about the experience as it is about the product. A user-friendly site, complete with easy search and listing options, significantly impacts this experience. Both Blue Nile and James Allen provide robust search criteria to ease your diamond selection process.

However, James Allen holds the edge in this category. Unlike Blue Nile, James Allen includes 360-degree images IN search results, enriching your diamond exploration journey. We found the website of James Allen more intuitive and easier to navigate, as demonstrated by comparing the search page on both sites:

Blue Nile

Blue Nile Browsing Experiece

James AllenJames Allen Browsing Experiece

The comparison feature, essential when choosing between multiple diamonds, also presents a better user experience on James Allen. And while the checkout process is similar across both platforms, James Allen’s interface feels more contemporary, from the choice of colors to the layout and labeling of fields.

However, Blue Nile does outshine James Allen in one aspect: a dedicated mobile app. While the need for such an app may seem minimal given the infrequent nature of diamond purchases, it certainly adds a touch of convenience even for one-time shoppers.

Diamond Prices

Affordability is a standout feature for both James Allen and Blue Nile, making the dream of owning high-quality diamonds much more attainable for a broader audience.

However, when it comes to picking a more cost-effective brand, it’s not cut and dried.

In numerous searches, both brands have offered competitive prices, with negligible differences.

For a fair comparison, we conducted a search using preset filters for Ideal cut, G color, VS2 clarity, and 1-carat diamonds on both platforms.

James Allen returned 199 diamonds priced between $4500 to $6800.

The same search on Blue Nile yielded 105 diamonds, priced from $5100 to $7500, notable price difference favoring James Allen.

For smaller diamonds in the 0.5-0.6 carat range, James Allen offered 947 options between $1100 and $2300, while Blue Nile’s range was from $1200 to $2400.

In both searches, we found that both brands offer similar pricing, with slight variances potentially due to specific treatments or qualities of individual diamonds.

Lab-Created Diamonds

In the realm of lab-grown diamonds, both Blue Nile and James Allen offer commendable collections. Let’s delve into the specifics.

James Allen

Range: With an impressive array of over 60,000 lab-created diamonds, James Allen’s portfolio stands out. This comprises a wide array of cuts, colors, clarities, and carat weights.

Prices: Lab-created diamonds on James Allen typically come at a lower price point than natural diamonds, maintaining high-quality and meeting natural diamond standards.

Certification: Each lab-grown diamond from James Allen comes with certification from the International Gemological Institute (IGI), assuring the stone’s quality and authenticity.

Visualization: The superior 360-degree video technology at James Allen allows for an in-depth view of every lab-grown diamond, ensuring customers make the right choice.

Blue Nile

Range: Though Blue Nile’s lab-grown diamond collection is smaller, numbering around 17,000, it still offers a broad variety of cuts, colors, clarities, and carat weights.

Prices: The pricing of Blue Nile’s lab-grown diamonds is generally in line with James Allen’s, with potential for slightly better deals on some stones.

Certification: All lab-created diamonds from Blue Nile are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), assuring their quality and authenticity.

Visualization: Blue Nile provides high-quality 360-degree videos for some lab-created diamonds, though not as consistently as James Allen.

Overall, although both James Allen and Blue Nile offer high-quality, competitively priced lab-created diamonds, James Allen surpasses with a broader selection and more comprehensive visualization tools. However, Blue Nile might provide better deals on certain stones. The ideal choice will ultimately hinge on your specific needs and preferences.


The competition between Blue Nile and James Allen heats up when we consider inventory size.

For over a decade, Blue Nile boasted the most extensive “virtual” diamond collection until mid-2018, when James Allen listed over 200,000 diamonds compared to Blue Nile’s 137,000. It was a pivotal moment, marking the first time a diamond store surpassed Blue Nile’s inventory.

James Allen then held the title of the largest online diamond store, with their inventory outpacing Blue Nile for several years, despite fluctuations due to global events such as the pandemic, then, we actually stopped tracking & comparing.

However, it’s important to note that having a larger inventory doesn’t necessarily indicate better quality or variety.

Both stores house collections significantly larger than those found in local stores, offering an array of choices even for high-grade diamonds. But when it comes to selecting a diamond, quality and detailed viewings are more critical than quantity.

Now, let’s not overlook Blue Nile’s strengths. If you’re looking for smaller diamonds, perhaps as a gift, Blue Nile offers an abundant and affordable selection.

Plus, Blue Nile excels in offering unique preset and custom options for those wishing to add a personal touch to their diamonds or design a ring from scratch. They also provide a variety of pearls and gemstones to incorporate into your designs.

In this particular comparison, neither James Allen nor Blue Nile outshines the other since the focus on inventory does not necessarily mean a better selection or quality.

Jewelry Collections

In terms of non-diamond collections, both James Allen and Blue Nile offer an impressive range of options to their customers. However, each of these online jewelry giants shines in different areas.

Blue Nile stands out with its wider range of gemstone jewelry, such as sapphire, emerald, and ruby pieces, and offers a significant selection of pearls. Their product assortment is vast, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. They also offer high-quality gold, silver, and platinum jewelry in contemporary and classic designs.

On the other hand, while James Allen’s non-diamond collection might be somewhat more limited, they excel in customization. With their gemstone selection, primarily sapphires, customers can create personalized pieces of jewelry. They also offer an impressive selection of unique wedding rings in various precious metals, beautifully designed fashion jewelry, and the option to design your own jewelry from scratch.

Overall, if you’re looking for a wider variety of gemstones and pearls, Blue Nile could be the right choice. However, if customization and unique designs are your priority, James Allen might be a better fit.

Diamond Packaging

When it comes to the final touches, presentation can make a significant difference in the customer’s overall experience.

In this regard, James Allen shows exceptional attention to detail, presenting their diamonds in an elegant, large box that can also serve as a chic jewelry case.

Moreover, they go the extra mile by including a cleaning cloth, ensuring your diamond continues to sparkle brilliantly at all times.

Blue Nile, on the other hand, opts for a more minimalistic approach to their packaging. Their diamonds come in a sleek, simple box that clearly represents their brand identity.

While it may lack the added touches provided by James Allen, it maintains a level of sophistication and elegance that aligns with Blue Nile’s brand.

Packaging James Allen vs Blue Nile

In conclusion, if an elaborate and functional packaging experience is what you are looking for, James Allen might be your choice. But if simplicity and minimalism appeal more to you, Blue Nile’s packaging might be more your style.


James Allen and Blue Nile both offer physical showrooms, a slight deviation from their primary online-focused business model.

James Allen maintains two key showrooms, one located in the bustling heart of New York City and the other in Washington DC. These showrooms are an opportunity for customers to interact with diamonds and jewelry in person, providing them with the tactile and visual experience traditional shoppers seek.


On the other hand, Blue Nile has been gradually expanding its physical presence across the US, growing from just five to an impressive twenty-seven showrooms (and counting). It appears that Blue Nile is aiming to broaden its offline footprint, possibly to cater to customers who prefer to see and touch the jewelry before making a purchase.


However, it’s essential to remember that both James Allen and Blue Nile were built around an online shopping model. The expansion of showrooms, especially for Blue Nile, may seem somewhat surprising given the original aim of their business – to reduce overheads and pass on the savings to the customer through online operations.

The increase in showrooms does seem to suggest a shift towards a more traditional retail model, yet the crux of their operations remains rooted in the vast and comprehensive online platforms.

Therefore, while the showrooms may offer an added layer of comfort for some, the vast majority of customers continue to enjoy the convenience of their online shopping experience.

Diamond Price Match Guarantee

Committed to customer satisfaction, Blue Nile offers a Diamond Price Guarantee. This policy enables customers to claim a refund on the price difference if they purchase a diamond from Blue Nile and later find an almost identical diamond elsewhere for a lesser price. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

However, there are certain terms and conditions that must be met for this clause to take effect, so it’s not a guaranteed win every time. For more details, refer to the Diamond Price Match Guarantee section in our Blue Nile review.

In a similar vein, James Allen adopted the Price Match Guarantee policy in March 2019, essentially mirroring the terms set forth by Blue Nile.

However, we should note that in our expert assessment, this feature doesn’t necessarily confer a distinct advantage to either Blue Nile or James Allen.

Each diamond is unique, and even diamonds that share identical characteristics in terms of Cut, Carat, Color, Clarity, Symmetry, Fluorescence, and more can vary in price.

This is because diamonds, as natural gems, possess individual and distinct features that prevent them from being completely identical.

Return, Engraving & Resizing

Ever experienced buyer’s remorse or suddenly found that the ring size wasn’t as perfect as you thought? Worry not, because both James Allen and Blue Nile have got your back!

James Allen’s customer-oriented policies include a straightforward 30-day free return offer and a generous free resizing service that lasts for up to a year.

Plus, they sweeten the deal with free engraving available at checkout.

Blue Nile, on the other hand, matches the 30-day free return and one year free resizing policies, but charges a modest $25 for engraving.

In our comparison, a couple of additional features that grabbed our attention were their lifetime warranties on most diamonds and lifetime upgrade programs.

These programs permit you to return and credit your diamond towards a new one, provided the new piece is at least double the price of your original purchase.

Customer Care and Service

Remember, shopping for diamonds isn’t as casual as picking up a tin of beans from your local supermarket! Buying a diamond is a sophisticated affair, often involving considerable sums of money.

Given the high stakes, it’s only natural for you to have a multitude of questions before making a purchase. You want to ensure every dollar is well spent.

This is where stellar customer service steps into the spotlight, becoming the critical frontline of any business. The representatives of James Allen and Blue Nile stand ready to address your queries comprehensively.

James Allen sets itself apart by providing round-the-clock customer service, seven days a week, irrespective of your geographic location. Not only are they highly responsive (usually replying within a minute), but they also offer complimentary ASET analysis for fancy diamond pieces multiple times.

One minor drawback is that James Allen no longer provides the option of reserving diamonds (though there are some exceptions, so it might be worth a try if you’re unsure about your selection).

Blue Nile too prides itself on their dependable customer care service known for swift responses. Initially available only during specific hours (though now available 24/7), their service doesn’t include free ASET analysis.

Blue Nile does, however, offer customers the option to reserve a diamond for up to 48 hours (although this option doesn’t currently appear on their website, so be sure to check with a chat agent).

During the reservation period, the diamond is removed from their online inventory. You then have the flexibility to call and finalize your payment within the given timeframe. These customer-focused practices reflect the brands’ commitment to making your diamond shopping experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

James Allen or Blue Nile Summary: Which is Better?

To sum up, these eminent brands have their unique strengths and offerings, and neither can be declared an outright winner.

While Blue Nile has been a pioneer and a dominant player in the online diamond industry, providing a sense of trust and assurance to countless customers, their recent move towards establishing more physical showrooms seems somewhat off-course considering their online-oriented business model.

However, this long-standing presence in the industry instills confidence in many buyers who value the established reputation of a merchant above other factors.

On the other hand, if detailed imaging and an extensive variety of diamonds are what you seek, James Allen might just be your diamond in the rough. The brand offers an extraordinarily clear and detailed 360-degree view of each diamond, an offering that seems particularly attractive for discerning buyers with unique tastes.

To encapsulate, if we were to choose based on our collective experiences and preferences, we’d lean towards James Allen for diamond purchases. This choice is primarily due to their unmatched diamond preview options.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a real diamond shopping experience, or interested in jewelry and non-diamonds gems, Blue Nile will be your best shot!

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