In the world of diamonds, a lot of “terms” come up to represent specific sets of diamonds.

Before we go into details about The GIA Triple Excellent Diamonds (or as some people name it 3 Excellent Diamond) and see what it means, just look at these two diamonds:

The first one is “considered” a GIA Triple Excellent, 1 carat, excellent cut, symmetry, and polish, you can see it in 360 here.

The second one is not a Triple Excellent, also 1 carat, excellent cut & polish, but has v.good symmetry, here is it in 360 as well.

Triple and not Triple Excellent diamonds

I doubt under any constraints you will ever want to get the left one! Let’s see why.

You can hear some definitions like “AGS Triple 000” zero being the best, a term given to diamonds that has grades of zero in color (D), zero in clarity (flawless), and zero in cut (ideal).

Another term is the “GIA Triple Excellent Diamond“, or “3 Excellent Diamonds” that you might hear when you shop from your local diamonds store, or even with some online vendors. 

In this post, we will take a look at the GIA Triple Excellent Diamonds, or as some others name it “GIA Triple Excellent” to give it more credibility, before going to see what are these triple excellent diamond factors, let’s take a very quick look on overall diamonds characteristics.

What Are Diamonds Main Characteristics?

Diamonds can be described and assessed with many of their specifications, in diamonds’ terminology called characteristics, the main of these are:

Diamonds 4Cs: Which are Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity.

Symmetry, Table & Depth percentages, Polish, Fluorescence, and many others.

We can’t go over these in details here, but most of the terms take you to other posts where we explain in more depth what each term means, if you’re a bit new to diamonds, we encourage you to go over these articles to have a better understanding of diamonds.

What’s the Meaning of “GIA Triple Excellent Diamonds”?

When GIA assesses a diamond, they give it a grade in most of the above-mentioned characteristics, so in Cut for example, you have a complete Cut Grade Chart that contains 5 grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

The same thing goes for Color, you have a Color Chart that explains different grades for colors, Clarity is not an exception, and most of the rest characteristics.

Now for the term “Triple Excellent”, you need to know that some diamond salespeople came up with this convention when a diamond has 3 Excellent grades on Cut, Polish, and Symmetry.

Yes it’s that simple, Triple Excellent Diamond means that diamond has all Excellent on these three, and diamond sellers will brand it as “Triple Excellent diamond” and charge higher prices for such diamonds.

4cs order of importanceTo judge the truthfulness of this, we need to understand which are the most important characteristics of diamonds, in another article, we’ve clearly stated that Cut is the most important one, and this means that “part” of the Triple Excellent thing is true.

Now where do Polish & Symmetry come in order of importance in a diamond to make sure it sparkles well?

We can’t be 100% sure because of other factors in the formula, but definitely they are not in the 2nd & 3rd place in the order of importance!

Do Triple Excellent Diamonds Guarantee Great Sparkle?

Nothing can be confirmed on this front, Triple Excellent means an Excellent Cut, Excellent Polish, and an Excellent Symmetry, that’s cool right?

But what if the diamond has inclusions that can be seen by naked eye? Or worse, inclusions in the middle of the table? What about a low-grade color? Strong fluorescence maybe? And the list goes on.

This is an image with SI2 clarity, but it’s “Triple Excellent” in terms of Cut, Polish, and Symmetry!

Diamond Inclusion

Want 360-degree images of Triple Excellent Diamonds? Take a look at this diamond on James Allen, it’s a “Triple Excellent” for those who market them this way (James Allen doesn’t use this convention by the way), but would you buy it? Even if it’s at $3000 (As the time of writing this, it’s priced at $6650), would any salesperson has the guts to recommend it for you?

What about THIS one, where on earth you can find a 1 carat diamond with this price (currently at $3270)? Do you see the inclusions on it? We can never recommend such a diamond, even if you will get it for almost nothing!

Hundreds of “Triple Excellent” Diamonds are available for sale on James Allen, take a look here for more options and see yourself the quality you “may” get even with triple excellent diamonds.
James Allen GIF Horizontal 25%

Every diamond on earth is unique to its own, with its unique characteristics that give the diamond a total look & brilliance.

Therefore, it’s not technically true to guarantee a great sparkle by confirming these three characteristics, diamond brilliance relies on a lot more factors.

So as an answer to the above question: Why Triple Excellent is marketed to have great sparkle? It’s just a marketing thing, sales came up with this convention to create a feeling that these diamonds are special and unique, so that they can charge more for them.

Are Triple Excellent Diamonds Worth it?

To be honest, not all the times, especially when it’s promoted to be Triple Excellent specifically, which tends to cover some other factors that the sales guy doesn’t want to share.

It’s safe to say that if you want a great diamond, look for one with high grades characteristics, like Cut, Color, Clarity, Polish, Symmetry, and others, but not vice versa.

We mean that you can’t judge a diamond if it’s worth it (or a good one in general) if it has A or B or C characteristic only, you need to look at it as a whole.

A lot of Triple Excellent diamonds are really great, but that’s just because they match other great factors, and you should NOT count on this only.

Does GIA Certify Triple Excellent Diamonds?

Again, the term only means that the diamond has these characteristics, and they will be mentioned of course on the GIA certificate of a diamond, but GIA will not “feature” the diamond as Triple Excellent on the report.

This is an example of a GIA certificate that shows Excellent grade next to Cut, Polish, and Symmetry: (Click here or on the certificate to see the original diamond on Blue Nile)

GIA Cert for Triple Excellent

Do you see any mention for the Triple Excellent thing? Not at all, it’s just the grades next to each characteristic.

What to Look for in a Diamond to Get a Great Sparkle?

Okay, we’re not here just to tell you don’t get that diamond and that’s it.

We always recommend our readers to educate themselves with diamonds characteristics before going to any local diamonds store, and even on online vendors like James Allen.

James Allen GIF Vertical 25%To start, you need to know which is the most important factor in a diamond, which is the Cut! We’ve covered that in-depth in a separate article, feel free to check it for further explanation.

Once you get “at least” a very good cut, you jump to other Cs, start by Color, then Clarity, and lastly let your budget control the highest Carat you can get.

To make sure you’re spending your money on what matters, we recommend getting no more than H Color.

For Clarity, make sure you get an eye-clean diamond, most of SI1 diamonds are eye-clean (all VS2 are if you want to be safer), if you’re buying online from vendors like James Allen or Whiteflash, you can see a magnified image of your diamond so you can make sure it’s an eye-clean one.

If you want a unique, very special and luxurious diamond, we recommend you to read our expert review for Whiteflash, we’ve covered in details where Whiteflash stands in terms of diamonds industry, and when it’s better to get yours from their store than other ones.

For certificate, always try to get a GIA-certified diamond, GIA is known globally to be the best diamond certification lab, followed by AGSL (run away from EGL, we’ve warned you!)

Now as for other factors like Polish & Symmetry, it’s easy to find Excellent grades for these, but the thing here is that you need to pay attention to ALL the above, then make sure you get these grades.

Triple Excellent VS Regular Diamond, What to Choose!

As we have mentioned previously, NOT all the Triple Excellent diamonds are the best or safest option when it comes to buying them, because they got those grades based on only three characteristics, taking in consideration other factors that affect the diamond are considered not that good! rather than their high prices, while on the hand you might get a normal diamond with great grades but not labeled as triple excellent which in fact will cost you less.

Being a smart shopper is what we are concerned about. Spend more time in understanding and reading about all the characteristics of diamonds will lead you to the best options which will result in buying the best diamond.

Conclusion on Triple Excellent Diamonds: Buy or Don’t?

Yes & No. It depends on other factors, Yes if the diamond got Excellent on these grades and other important factors, but not “ONLY” because the diamond got these grades it means you can get it.

Look for all other factors, try to see the diamond magnified, or if in a physical store, see the diamond light reflection under different lights to see how it sparkles.

Spend your money on what matters, if the seller was trying to convince you to get the diamond because it’s Triple Excellent, that shouldn’t be a good sign.

We always recommend getting your diamond online for a lot of reasons, our favorite store is James Allen: Large inventory, magnified 360 degrees images, great reputation, excellent customer service, and other reasons.

Find the One James Allen

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