You made a decision, and you want to be with her, but you’re not yet ready to get into engagement now!

Here comes the promise ring (or as some call it pre-engagement ring, or friendship ring), telling the other half that you want to be with her, but not ready for some reason (financially, education, etc…).

This tradition is becoming more popular, and although James Allen didn’t offer promise rings selections in the past, now they do, and you can browse from thousands of these on their store.

The exact same thing happened at Blue Nile, after refraining from listing promise rings for some time, they now offer a smaller set of promise rings as part of their jewelry collection.

Let’s take a step back and understand the definition and symbolic of a promise ring.

What are Promise Rings?

Promise rings are symbolic pieces of jewelry, often given as a sign of commitment between two people. They’re typically exchanged before an engagement ring, symbolizing a pledge to a future together.

This promise can represent different things: devotion, monogamy, abstinence, or even friendship. Their designs can vary widely, from simple bands to intricate designs with gemstones.

While traditionally given by men to women, modern practices include promise rings for anyone. They’re often personalized, sometimes with engravings, to enhance their sentimental value.

Promise rings could very much work as pre-engagement rings, both are presented to indicate the commitment of marriage.

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A Little History on “Why a Promise Ring?”

The concept of the Promise ring is an ancient concept that was first produced during the second century born out of a legal clause that required intended couples to go through a waiting period after the marriage intentions were made known, allowing ample time to plan the marriage rites in the Roman empire.

Promise rings came in the form of Posy rings up until the 17th century; these kinds of rings had a unique feature of engraved poetry professing love and affection to whom the rings were offered.

Then came the reign Acrostic rings which took center stage in the Victorian and then Georgian eras; the acrostic rings came with spelled out words rather than poetic lines designed along with the specific gemstone that each ring bore.

As we see now, however, Promise rings in themselves void of special designs, ornamentation or having special lyrical engravings are used as a representation of ‘love’.

Reasons To Buy a Promise Ring

In most recent times, we have promise rings made out of all kinds of materials, including plain gold, rose gold, bronze and silver bands designed beautiful using all types of gemstones; diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and many more. Promise rings symbolize loyalty, commitment, and swearing too. 

Unlike in past times when they were presented only to human spouses and used when one was betrothed to another, promise rings are being used to show commitment to causes like veganism, chastity, world peace, recycling, and green earth, even in some cases platonic but long-termed relationships between friends.

Another factor that has greatly affected the popularity of promise rings is its use by celebrities all over the world as a show of solidarity and commitment to diverse causes.

Promise rings essentially are a show of love between couples or intending partners, it shows and represents how deeply each party feels for and about the other party. Couples present these rings to the objects of their affection at different times; birthdays, anniversaries, in memory of the first day they met, etc.

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The style of each ring is decided upon by the couples and their preferences, one could choose to opt for an ornamented diamond ring, a yellow gold band laced with gemstones or simple silver bands with engravings of pet names, a sterling band or Claddagh rings.

Promise rings, however, less conspicuous than regular engagement band. The uniqueness of each ring makes the concept of promise rings even more endearing. 

Promise Ring Prices

Promise rings are way cheaper than engagement & wedding rings, and they come in different styles.

Their prices can vary significantly based on various factors such as the material of the ring, the presence of gemstones, the craftsmanship, the brand, and other elements of design and personalization, here are some general price ranges:

  1. Sterling Silver Promise Rings: These are often the most affordable, ranging from $100 to $300.

  2. Gold Promise Rings: Gold (yellow, white, or rose) promise rings typically start around $100 and can go up to $1,000 or more, depending on the quality of the gold and the complexity of the design, James Allen offer a wide selection of this category.

  3. Diamond or Gemstone Promise Rings: Rings featuring diamonds or other precious gemstones can range widely from around $400 to several thousand dollars, depending on the size, quality, and type of the stone(s) used.

  4. Designer or Branded Promise Rings: Rings from renowned jewelry brands or designers can be priced significantly higher due to their brand value, craftsmanship, and unique designs. These can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Before going crazy with this, it’s critical to remember the true meaning of a promise ring, have you read the word “debt” in any part of it? Don’t follow any trend and put yourself in debt or even spend thousands on a promise ring.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a ring that represents your personal commitment and fits within your budget.

On Which Finger are Promise Rings Worn?

Promise rings are most commonly worn on the ring finger of the left hand, especially in the United States and other Western countries. This is the same finger on which an engagement ring or a wedding band is traditionally worn.

However, some people choose to wear a promise ring on the ring finger of the right hand to avoid confusion with an engagement ring. Others may wear it on any finger they choose.

The choice can be a personal preference or can be influenced by cultural or regional customs.

Promise Ring Proposal

Again, let’s not go crazy with this, you don’t need to plan, photoshoot and surprise for this, as it’s just a symbolic ring for commitment, you can have the ceremony very simple.

It could be a special occasion or just a regular day that you make special. The setting might be a place that’s significant to your relationship, or it could simply be a quiet, private moment at home, or a romantic dinner on weekend at a nice restaurant.

Come prepared with what you’ll say, as this is a good opportunity to express your feelings and explain the promise you’re making, also make sure your partner understands the meaning behind the ring.

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Best Places to Buy Promise Rings

Now, here is the big caveat when it comes to the purchase of promise rings, considering how important they are but yet how commonly we come across low-quality versions of promise rings, it becomes quite necessary to make purchases strictly from known and reputable brands or vendors. 

We would list out three of the most reputable brands and sellers of promise rings that we’ve come across over the years but please bear in mind that these vendors may not offer cheap products because they aim for durability just as much as style. What good is a promise of forever if it doesn’t even last more than a few months? 

Here are the best options for you to choose from when getting a promise ring:

1- Blue Nile: One of the largest online store for diamonds, you can find tens of diamonds for your budget and within your preferred selection of 4Cs and other diamonds factors.

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2-  James Allen: Our all-time favourite website for diamonds shopping, they are also the top player (in terms of inventory) in this field, just make your diamond & ring characteristics, and head directly there to get yours.

James Allen Rings

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3- Whiteflash: If you’re looking for a premium and top quality diamond & ring, and even packaging, look no further, Whiteflash comes best here in terms of premium selections, with reasonable prices when you compare it to Tiffany & Co. for example.

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Still not sure where to buy your diamond?

We always recommend shopping diamonds online and created a Full guide to shop diamonds like a Pro.

Among online retailers, here are our favorite stores (click their logo to visit store):

1) James Allen: Our favorite online store, best diamond imaging technology available today, comes with the largest collection with more than half a million loose diamonds.

Latest JA Logo2) Blue Nile: Widest collection of loose diamonds of all sizes, great imaging technology for most of their  inventory (hundreds of thousands of diamonds), great customer support.

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3) Whiteflash: Home Of A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds, they stand out from the crowd by offering premium diamonds cuts, tailored to those who love the details, at great prices too.

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