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I hope you’re not going to buy a D color flawless diamond, but I will be glad to shed some light on the cost of such a diamond, and of course, the VALUE of getting one!

Notice that we’re talking about 2 highest grades possible, in terms of color (D grade), and clarity (flawless), so we better take a quick look on where these grades fall…

D Color Grade – Where it Stands?

On Diamonds Color scale, diamonds are graded from D (being the most colorless) to Z (with all grades after K will show some yellow), here is the grades scale, grouped by percentage of color in each group:

Diamond Color Chart with Fancy Colors

Generally, and in order not to spend money on something you can’t see, we recommend readers to get a G color, sometimes even H grade, these two grades will not show any yellow to naked eye.

It’s obvious that a D color diamond is getting at least 3 grades higher than the needed to guarantee a colorless diamond, keep this note in mind!

Flawless Clarity Grade – Where it Stands?

This will be even worse…

Diamonds are formed very deep in earth, and if you read how much pressure it takes to form a diamond, you can easily relate that with the inclusions you see on any diamond.

This brings the question, what percentage of diamonds has almost ZERO inclusions? I will make it short, more than 99% of diamonds can’t make it.

To get a better idea, James Allen (the largest diamonds online store), has 397 diamonds with Flawless clarity out of, you know how much? +210k diamonds! We’re talking about less than 2 in a thousand!

Wonder why?

Here is the clarity grades scale for diamonds:


To get an eye-clean diamond, in most cases you won’t need to go further than SI1, and in ALL cases, VS2 diamond is eye-clean, can you see where the FL stands?

It’s 5 grades higher than the recommended to get an eye-clean diamond, hope it makes sense why this grade is very rare (and expensive as we will see shortly).


What is 1 Carat D Flawless Diamond Price?

To have a fair estimation for such diamond, we will have to freeze all other factors that contribute to the total price, and here comes the list of main characteristics we will look into:

Carat: 1

Color: D

Clarity: FL (flawless)

Cut: Ideal (Excellent)

Shape: Round

Polish & Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: None

Grading Lab: GIA or AGS

Being the largest online stores, we will get the prices from both James Allen & Blue Nile.

Doing this search on James Allen brought us two diamonds only, identically priced at $18610 (yes, you read it right, 18k for 1 carat diamond!)

Doing the same search on Blue Nile brought one diamond, priced at $18406!

Reading our article about Diamond Price per Carat will give us a reasonable price for 1 carat diamond, which ranges (excluding edge diamonds) between $3500 and $6000.

This will make the case obvious, something MUST be wrong with getting a flawless clarity, D color diamond!

Why Buying a D Color, Flawless Clarity Diamond is NOT Recommended?

Or in other words, why it’s a waste of money to get such diamond?

Because in diamonds, you have to pay for characteristics that “really” make a difference to your diamond, and to get the best bang for your buck, you need to understand that these crazy grades are nothing but “overpriced” characteristics that you will regret spending money on them.

You want a diamond that doesn’t show ANY yellow color on it right? Cool, G grade is enough, you’re way too sensitive to yellow and might take the diamond to inspection?

No worries, get an F, it’s graded by GIA to be colorless, so it really has no color 🙂

Sales people will always try convincing you to get the highest color to stay safe, believe me, you won’t benefit anything from going above this!

You want a clear diamond without any visible inclusions, and with brilliance that steals the show? Invest on a cut rather than going insanely to a flawless grade.

If you’re not worried at all about your budget, skip this and get the clarity you want, but those who want the best bang for their buck, please don’t “ever” go beyond VS1, even for extreme clarity measures, VS2 is eye-clean, and VS1 is even cleaner, you don’t need any thing after that.

What Diamond Characteristics to look for then?

We won’t just tell you don’t get these grades and leave you there, based on years of experience in this field, inspecting & recommending thousands of diamonds for our readers, here are the best/recommended grades to get when picking a diamond:

Cut: Always go for Ideal / Excellent cut, even for a lower carat (keep in mind, Cut is the most important factor of any diamond).

Clarity: In most cases, SI1 will be eye-clean, if you want to be safe go VS2, if you’re getting a relatively large diamond (+1.5 carat), it’s better to stay at VS2 since some types of inclusions can be visible in such sizes for SI1.

Color: G is perfect, it has no yellow on it for the naked-eye, and depends on your setting color, you can also go H in some cases, don’t go crazy with this.

Carat: A matter of preference, it’s all yours, don’t invest in carat before guaranteeing the above-mentioned grades.

Polish & Symmetry: Excellent (that’s the case in 99% of Ideal cut diamonds).


I hope you reached this post because you were just curious to know the price of a 1 carat D color Flawless clarity diamond and nothing more, you are/were not intending to get one.

Getting such extremely high grades is purely wasting your money on what doesn’t make that difference you think to your diamond.

If you need help picking up a great diamond for whatever budget you have in mind, please drop us a message in the form below.

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