Diamonds Glossary

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I know you got a bit lost with all these terms that you hear when you see any diamond details, to make your life easier, we’ve grouped the most common diamonds terminology in this mini glossary, so you can have an idea about each one of these, and next time you hear or see it, you will totally understand what they mean when they say “Conflict-Free Diamond” for example.

Our list is a bit short, since we only focused on the most common terms (besides our other main 4Cs definitions here), follow each of the following terms to go to its detailed page:

1. Diamond Fluorescence

2. Conflict-Free Diamonds

3. Diamond Polish

4. Diamond Symmetry

5. Diamond Certificates & Certification Labs

6. EGL Vs. GIA Certificates

7. Fancy Colors Diamonds

Make sure you also check our Diamonds FAQs page, where you can get more details on diamonds terminology and some of the most questions we always get from our readers.

If you want another term to be explained & added here, please feel free to contact us using the contact page, and we’ll be glad to help.